After a month in which Customs and Border Protection apprehension numbers rose so dramatically that even Speaker Pelosi finally admitted the situation at the southern border is a “crisis,” House Democrats have done nothing to stem the flow of migrants and human traffickers. Instead, Democrats have wasted the Judiciary Committee’s time and resources laying the groundwork for impeachment.

If Democrats were serious about immigration, they would do something about the humanitarian and national security crisis along our southern border, but Speaker Pelosi has chosen to spend the House’s time on H.R. 6, an expensive, partisan show vote.

Five of the worst aspects of H.R. 6:

  1. Makes millions of illegal immigrants eligible for amnesty, far exceeding the roughly 700,000 DACA recipients.
    • Eligibility requirements are so broad that anywhere from 2 to 4 million illegal immigrants of any age could benefit from H.R. 6.
  2. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated the combined cost of H.R. 6 to be $34.6 billion. Democrats have not found a way to pay for this.
  3. Zero enforcement. H.R. 6 does not include a dime for border security. It does not close loopholes or reform asylum laws.
  4. Provides a path to citizenship for criminals.
    • Applicants with several misdemeanor convictions can obtain a green card, even if the misdemeanors were violent and resulted in death or bodily injury.
    • The Secretary of Homeland Security cannot use state or federal gang databases to exclude gang members from obtaining green cards.
  5. Gives illegal immigrants a special pathway to citizenship that is unavailable to legal immigrants.
    • Whereas most legal immigrants are granted green cards on a discretionary basis, H.R. 6 mandates issuance of a green card to eligible illegal immigrants who receive a waiver, or meet its lax requirements.

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(Courtesy of the Judiciary Committee)

Bottom line: If Democrats are serious about immigration reform, they would quit wasting time trying to impeach President Trump and actually do something to address the humanitarian crisis along our southern border.