WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroom to discuss Democrats’ reckless spending proposals that will raise taxes on middle class families and waste trillions of dollars of taxpayer money on liberal fantasies, and called out President Biden for abandoning the bipartisanship he promised. Whip Scalise also noted how there is strong enthusiasm for the Republican Party and how swing-district Democrats are retiring from Congress because voters are souring on their party’s far-left, socialist agenda.

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On the American people rejecting Democrats’ radical, far-left agenda:

“What I see all across the country is dramatic enthusiasm for the Republican Party and a lot of really serious concern about the direction that the socialist Democrats are taking us. Whether it’s Nancy Pelosi’s agenda, [and] now Biden has embraced that far-left Bernie Sanders’ agenda, people don’t want this to become a socialist nation, yet you see how far they’re moving. And I think you saw [on] Saturday, that was a reaction to that far-left trillions of dollars in spending, raising taxes — all under the name of infrastructure. That’s not where America is [at]. You saw Susan Wright, who was endorsed by President Trump, [lead] the way in what had been a swing district last year. Today, we’ve got two Republicans in that runoff. It tells you the country is rejecting socialism, and that’s why we’re going to win the House back next year.”

On what kind of legislation can pass through the House of Representatives:

“Well, sanity would pass. If [House Democrats] just dropped the word ‘trillions’ from their lexicon and sat down with Republicans and said, ‘How can we do something in a responsible way?’ Not adding taxes or deficits but actually working with Republicans and Democrats together to focus on infrastructure. And I mean roads, bridges, broadband — not unionized healthcare workers all under the name of infrastructure or higher taxes on middle-class families, which is, by the way, what they would do.

“Does anybody really believe that if Bernie Sanders is the Budget Chairman in the Senate, that it’s only the millionaires and billionaires that are going to pay more? It’s going to affect every working family in America and make us less competitive as a nation. That’s not what people want. We could get a bipartisan bill, but Nancy Pelosi has shut Republicans out of the process, and unfortunately, so has President Biden. It’s time he fulfilled the promise he made as a candidate, saying he would work with everybody. He has yet to do that.”

On Democrats’ trillion dollar spending spree: 

“Well, you know, you still have a 60-vote requirement for most things in the Senate. They’re trying to shoehorn everything into budget reconciliation, but there are very severe limits on what budget reconciliation can be used for, and I think they’re recognizing that. They’re also recognizing that with a three-vote [House] majority currently, there are a lot of Democrats who don’t want to walk the plank who realize they’re not going to get reelected voting for socialism. In fact, you already saw, just on Friday, two more Democrats announce they’re going to retire from office because they know they can’t win again. There [are] a lot more Democrats that are in that boat.”

On swing-district Democrats announcing their retirement: 

“You see, right now in Pennsylvania, Connor Lamb is talking about running for the United State Senate because he knows in Pittsburgh they don’t like the fact that he’s voted for all this socialism. He’s got an F-rating with the National Right to Life. He said he was pro-life. Clearly, he’s not. That’s catching up with a lot of these Democrats. Their voting record [does] not [match] their districts, and people don’t want socialism, and they can’t stand up to Pelosi in the House. And so, a lot of them won’t be back. But some of them are starting to look in the mirror and say, ‘Maybe I’ll just announce that I’ll retire on my own terms as opposed to getting beat next year.’”