WASHINGTON, D.C.—House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) and other House Republicans to unveil the Commitment to America plan to restore our way of life, rebuild the greatest economy in history, and renew the American Dream.

To confront the challenges faced by the COVID-19 crisis, Whip Scalise emphasized the importance of rebuilding the historic American economy alongside President Trump and eliminating our reliance on China for life-saving supplies vital to America’s national security. Whip Scalise highlighted how the Commitment to America will provide every American the opportunity to seek the American Dream once again.

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Full remarks:

“Thank you, Kevin, and thank you for your leadership, for the vision to confront the challenges our country faces. Let me first start by expressing my thoughts and prayers to the people of the Gulf Coast. From Louisiana to Mississippi to Alabama to Florida who are facing Hurricane Sally. We’re strong, resilient people. Preparations have been made over the last few days but now, just keep everybody in your prayers as that storm gets ready to touch ground.

“I want to talk about this important Commitment to America. Let’s first start by recognizing just how great this country is. When you just look at that Capitol Dome, and everything that’s represented, from the Statue of Freedom on down, to the people who fight for freedom not just here in America, but for anybody around the world who yearns for freedom, this is the place they look to. America is worth fighting for. That’s what this commitment is all about.

“We know we have challenges. We know we’ve been through great challenges before as a nation and we know as we pull together, we’re going to get through these challenges. We’re going to do it by first restoring our way of life. As we confront this COVID crisis, we’ve worked with this President to make sure there’s funding at the National Institutes of Health, and there’s funding at CMS, HHS, and other agencies that are working feverishly to find a vaccine and other remedies, and we’re on the doorstep of a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19 because of that work.

“We also know that we need to confront China. While some may shy away and hold their head in the sand, and act like it didn’t even start in Wuhan, China, we know that not only did it start there but they lied to the world. They corrupted the World Health Organization while they were hoarding PPE and other vital, life-saving equipment. We should no longer be reliant on China for the things that are vital to America’s national security. We need to bring that manufacturing and those jobs back to America and that’s our commitment.

“And as we get through this pandemic, we need to then focus on rebuilding the greatest economy this world has ever seen. We have already done that once working with President Trump to rebuild the strongest economy that was working for every American that saw opportunity. People at every income level were benefiting, but people at the lowest income levels were benefiting the most because we were losing our middle class under the previous administration. Great jobs and great companies were going to foreign countries and we finally put an end to that with smart, effective policy. We built that great economy once before; we will build that great economy once again.

“And finally, this gets back to this great [Capitol Dome], this great Statue of Freedom, and all it represents, and that is renewing the American Dream. Because ultimately, that’s why we come here. That’s why we serve. That’s why we leave our families to come and ensure that every American, people of all walks of life who seek that same American Dream have that opportunity. Every American deserves that opportunity. Under this Commitment to America, every American will have the opportunity to seek the American Dream and it will be real and alive for them, just like it has been for every generation before us. We will renew, restore, and rebuild this great nation. That is our Commitment to America. Please join with us. We want everybody to be a part of this great journey.”