TOPLINE: As of April 14th at 1:00PM, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) approved over $250 billion worth of loans to over one million small businesses. Yet this program is expected to run out of funding this week. Democrats cannot keep funding for this program hostage any longer and must agree to a clean, standalone renewed funding bill.


Loans approved: 1 million+ (1,101,118)

Dollars approved: $250 billion+ ($257,406,926,461)

Lenders: 4,700+ (4,721)

Everyone agrees this program is working for American small businesses. Alarmingly, the Small Business Administration (SBA) expects funding for the PPP to run out this week. If funding runs out, American small businesses will remember that Democrats held this funding hostage as a political ploy to secure other unrelated provisions. For the sake of our communities, Democrats must agree to a clean, simple funding bill for the PPP now.

Small businesses across America continue to benefit from PPP loans. These stories from small business owners, courtesy of the Small Business Administration, show how these loans are critical to keeping paychecks flowing to employees throughout the course of this virus:

BOTTOM LINE: PPP is working. Funds are running out. Democrats are the only thing standing between small businesses and getting the help they need.