Top line: In “bombshell” testimony, Ambassador Sondland repeatedly testified under oath that he never heard President Trump attach any pre-conditions to military aid or a visit to the White House. Ambassador Sondland admitted he did not know the reason for the pause in aid, and that any link to the investigations was “my own personal guess.”

Here’s what happened:

Democrats have finally called firsthand witnesses to testify. Unfortunately for Chairman Schiff, every one of these firsthand witnesses has confirmed that President Trump never personally attached pre-conditions to the White House visit or security assistance.

Mr. Castor: Did President Trump ever tell you personally about any pre-conditions for anything?

Ambassador Sondland: No.

Mr. Castor: Any pre-conditions for the aid to be released?

Ambassador Sondland: No.

Mr. Castor: Any pre-conditions for a White House meeting?

Ambassador Sondland: No.

An impeachment inquiry must be about the facts. It cannot be about thoughts, feelings, or presumptions. While Democrats want their witnesses to testify about crimes theypresumed the President wanted to commit, all that matters is what the President said or did.

Under pressure, Ambassador Sondland once again confirmed the same refrain we’ve heard from every witness who interacted directly with the President — President Trump never personally directed any quid pro quo.

“Again, I don’t recall President Trump ever talking to me about any security assistance, ever.”

Rep. Mike Turner cut through all the noise and asked Ambassador Sondland the crucial question of the day.

Rep. Turner: No one on this planet told you that President Trump was tying aid to investigations, yes or no?

Ambassador Sondland: Yes.

While Chairman Schiff pressured Ambassador Sondland to provide evidence to support Democrats’ narrative of bribery, extortions, and quid pro quo, Ambassador Sondland told Schiff the uncomfortable truth.

When asked what he wanted from Ukraine, President Trump told Sondland:

“I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky to do the right thing.”