Today, Whip Scalise announced the launch of the House Energy Action Team (HEAT), along with co-chairs Representatives Jeff Duncan and Markwayne Mullin. HEAT is a coalition of members who support the development, deployment, and efficient use of all-of-the-above energy resources. As HEAT’s first initiative, Representative Jody Hice will lead our efforts to put all Democrats on record by filing a discharge petition to bring the $93 trillion “Green New Deal” to the floor for a vote.

Tomorrow, members of HEAT will have a press conference to discuss these efforts. Details are as follows:

HEAT Launch Press Conference
Wednesday, March 27, 2019
1:45 PM ET
House Triangle, East Side of the Capitol

What will HEAT do?

What are HEAT’s policy priorities?

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As a first action item, Rep. Jody Hice will file a discharge petition to bring the Green New Deal resolution to the floor. Support for the Green New Deal has become a mainstream plank of the Democrat party, yet Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to bring the resolution up for a vote. As the Green New Deal is estimated to cost American taxpayers $93 trillion, we believe House Democrats should be given an opportunity to go on record regarding the Green New Deal.

As a reminder, the Green New Deal can only be achieved through a nationalization of our economy and significant limits to the freedom of choice and liberty central to the American way of life.

An all-of-the-above energy approach, supported by Congressional Republicans, continues to deliver results. In 2017, the United States had the greatest reduction in carbon emissions of any nation in the world while simultaneously becoming a global energy powerhouse.

The Democrats’ Green New Deal would just ship millions of high-paying American jobs to countries like China, who emit carbon at a much higher rate than us.

Conservative solutions based on the free market offer the solution to a cleaner environment and a vibrant economy.