What Democrat Control Looks Like: Democrats Propose Bill to Raise Taxes on Workers, Small Businesses

WASHINGTON, D.C.— After weeks of Democrats dodging the question of whether they would vote to repeal the higher paychecks and new jobs American workers are seeing because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Senate Democrats unveiled their plan to raise taxes on workers, families, and small businesses, wiping out the massive gains our economy is seeing in favor of their big government spending priorities. 

Under their plan, Democrats plan to raise income tax rates, raise taxes on businesses, bring back the alternative minimum tax for four million families, and force more Americans to pay the death tax. 

With this plan now out, every single Congressional Democrat must be asked if they support raising taxes on Americans and reversing the following:

With Democrats advocating to raise taxes on hardworking Americans and small businesses and spending their energy looking for loopholes to help the wealthy, it’s no wonder they’re panicking about being out of touch with regular Americans, who are showing strong levels of support for their lower taxes.