Democrats keep pulling from the same old playbook. They accuse President Trump of something atrocious, then move the goalposts when the allegations turn out to be false. The media also continues to botch crucial facts, resulting in real-world consequences.

Democrats’ latest actions are deeply irresponsible, but come as no surprise. Over the past week, many Democrats signed onto the newest impeachment effort based upon unconfirmed and secondhand media reports.

Specifically, many Democrats claimed that President Trump must be impeached because he allegedly entered into a quid pro quo arrangement with Ukrainian President Zelensky over investigations into Vice President Biden’s activities in Ukraine.

The whistleblower complaint that kicked off the Democrats’ newest rush to impeachment centered around a phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky. The Trump administration declassified and released the full transcript of the phone call.

The transcript was clear. There was no quid pro quo as Democrats claimed.

However, Democrats haven’t walked back their claims. In fact, they’ve doubled down on their calls to impeach, simply moving the goalposts from “quid pro quo” to supposed coverups and other conspiracy theories.

Media’s Misleading Headlines

Fact: Despite the Washington Post’s reporting, President Trump did not make any promises to Ukrainian President Zelensky. The media’s false headlines led dozens of new Democrats to call for President Trump’s impeachment.

Democrats’ False Accusations

FACT: Nowhere in the transcript did President Trump threaten to withhold aid to Ukraine if Vice President Biden’s activities were not investigated.

Bottom line: These are the same bad actors who lied to the American people about collusion and obstruction of justice during the Mueller investigation. Democrats’ hatred of President Trump blinds them to the facts of the case, and they cannot be trusted to tell the truth as they continue to pursue their impeachment-at-all-costs strategy.