WASHINGTON, D.C.—House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle last night and Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroomthis morning to discuss the unprecedented actions taken in the House this week by Speaker Pelosi and her failing Democrat majority. Whip Scalise blasted Speaker Pelosi for abusing the power of impeachment to appease her radical base and carry out a vendetta against President Trump.

Now, Speaker Pelosi is refusing to send the articles to the Senate because Democrats can’t face the reality that their scheme won’t hold up in the Senate.

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Transcribed remarks from Fox News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle:

On House Democrats’ disdain for President Trump:

“It’s just disdain that they have for really the 63 million Americans who elected Donald Trump President, all of those [hard-working] men and women who had been forgotten by Washington. It’s the arrogance of these liberal elites who walked into Washington, not to make lives better, and lower drug prices, and fix problems – they had a political vendetta. They didn’t agree with the results of the 2016 election and they were hell-bent on impeaching the President. Over 100, Laura, over 100 Democrats voted to impeach the President prior to the Zelensky phone call. It was never about a crime. There was no crime, which is why Pelosi is acting out right now.

“There is nothing to impeach him on. It was an impeachment in search of a crime. And now I think they’re seeing the backlash. The country is revolting against what they just did. It’s going to be a scar on Nancy Pelosi’s legacy as Speaker.”

On the baseless allegations in Democrats’ articles of impeachment:

“Laura, if you go through the three impeachments that we’ve had prior to this, whatever you want to call this, every one of them started with an actual crime. And you can debate whether it was a high crime or misdemeanor, but they were all a crime. There is no dispute about that. Here, there was never a crime. [Democrats] hoped there was a crime. The Mueller investigation was a 22-month witch hunt to try to find a crime. But go look at Pelosi’s comments just a week ago, where she said they’ve been doing this for two and a half years.

“Again, I read on the House Floor last night some of the things that Democrats already voted to impeach President Trump on. Two years ago, they voted to impeach him for criticizing NFL players who kneeled for the [Pledge of Allegiance]. Is that really a high crime and misdemeanor?

“Or as [Professor Jonathan Turley], one of the witnesses who under oath testified he voted against President Trump, said the only abuse of power is what Democrats are doing, abusing their power because the President is exercising his legal rights.

“Maybe Adam Schiff read Article One and Two of the Constitution, but maybe his version didn’t have Article Three, which is the Judicial Branch. He forgot about that one. They don’t have a case. There was no crime.”

Transcribed remarks from Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroom:

On Speaker Pelosi’s abuse of the power of impeachment:

“This is bizarre behavior by the Speaker to think that she can somehow tell the Senate how to run an impeachment trial after she literally broke House rules to deny the ability for the minority to even present our case, the alternative case, which House rules require. They literally ignored and broke that rule. But now it’s in the hands of the Senate, and Mitch McConnell knows what he needs to do to actually run a fair trial, unlike what happened in the House. But think about this, every impeachment before this always started with one thing, and that was a criminal act. It started with a crime. This [impeachment], there was never a crime. This impeachment was an impeachment looking for a crime, and they never found it. They should have not done this. I think the court of public opinion has definitely turned against them because they abused the power of impeachment. In fact, one of the witnesses who under oath said he voted against Donald Trump testified and said that the only abuse of power is by the House abusing their power of impeachment because there was no case, there was no crime.”

“…until those papers are turned over to the Senate [impeachment] didn’t happen. And so, you know whatever their reason was for starting this, clearly it was to appease their radical base, this looks more and more like it’s been a political vendetta just because they don’t agree with the results of the 2016 election. That’s not why you have the power of impeachment. Our Founding Fathers put it there to be used very rarely, and for criminal acts. There is no criminal act. Just because you don’t like a President – we have elections for that. Next year, we have an election, people will go to the polls. The American people will choose the President, not Nancy Pelosi and this bizarre behavior.”

“…I don’t think anybody’s arguing that she’s outwitted anybody. I think people are looking, wondering what exactly is she doing, and I don’t think she knows right now. I think she thought this was going to be something where the country sided with them. Frankly, it’s backfired on them, because they never had a case. It looks very much like a political vendetta, because that’s what it is – it’s what it’s been from the beginning. And so, you know where they go next, it really is going to be in the hands of the Senate anyway. But they’ve already lost in the court of public opinion, they’ve even lost one of their own colleagues. Jeff Van Drew switched to the Republican Party yesterday, in fact, because he couldn’t stand being a part of what they’ve done to upend what the Constitution designed to be – a rare power that they’ve now abused.” 

On Speaker Pelosi being out of touch with the priorities of American families:

“[Speaker Pelosi] has no leverage. Look, she’s lost this battle. I don’t think she understands how to let it go now, because she thought it was going to turn out differently and it didn’t. It’s literally worked against her. You look at what’s happening in every swing state across the country, they’re saying ‘why didn’t you spend your majority this last year lowering drug prices, working with the President to get an infrastructure bill?’ She didn’t do any of that, because she was so obsessed with impeachment to carry out a political agenda.”

On Jeff Van Drew joining the Republican Party:

“…I welcome Jeff Van Drew to the Republican Party, and I did so yesterday in person. But look, there are a lot of other people like him that are coming our way. He was a blue dog. Pelosi doesn’t allow any space in the Democrat Party for moderate swing voting Democrats. And so, she’s got a long history, by the way, of Democrats who switch party to Republican, because she runs such a far-left socialist agenda. You can see the AOC’s of the world have taken over the Democrat party in the House, but that’s not where middle America is, and they’re losing middle America because of that far-left socialist agenda that Pelosi rams through the House of Representatives.”