WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democrats are hard-pressed to find any support for H.R. 1 as hundreds of groups urge members of Congress to vote no on the Democrat Politician Protection Act.

As their first bill of the 116th Congress, House Democrats made clear their number one priority is using federal law to protect their majority. H.R. 1, the Democrat Politician Protection Act, would force a federal takeover of state-run elections, create taxpayer funded campaigns, and impede on the First Amendment, all to protect the Democrat majority.

It’s no surprise that groups across the country have expressed their adamant opposition and are urging members of Congress to vote against a bill that would upend the electoral process and trespass upon American rights and liberties.

Read below to see what American business owners, leading conservatives, pro-life organizations, and free speech advocates have to say about H.R. 1.

Groups Key Voting NO on H.R. 1:

FreedomWorks, President Adam Brandon:

“…The bill, which would be more appropriately titled the “Incumbent Protection Act,” includes several problematic provisions, many of which run roughshod over the freedom of speech and freedom of association protected by the First Amendment and privacy.

“Rep. Sarbanes is promoting H.R. 1 with Orwellian rhetoric by claiming that it ‘will strengthen our democracy and return political power to the people.’ In reality, certain aspects of this 571-page bill are designed to protect politicians from the people.”

March for Life Action, President Thomas McClusky

“When our great nation’s founders articulated the rights of Americans, they not only included the right to life but also the right to free speech. As those who speak up for the unborn, we uniquely combine those two rights. H.R. 1 would take away one of those rights, the freedom of speech, making it almost impossible for us to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. For these reasons, March for Life Action will score against the legislation our annual scorecard for the First Session of the 116th Congress.”

National Right to Life:

“This legislation has been carefully crafted to maximize short-term political benefits for the dominant faction of one political party, while running roughshod over the First Amendment protections for political speech that have been clearly and forcefully articulated by the U.S. Supreme Court in a series of landmark First Amendment rulings, culminating in FEC v. Wisconsin Right to Life, 551 U.S. 449 (2007) and Citizens United v. Federal Election Com’n, 558 U.S. 310 (2010).”

Heritage Action for America:

“Although Democrats are promoting H.R. 1 as a bill that would ‘strengthen our democracy and return political power to the people’, it is an anti-democratic bill that would wreak havoc on our election system by manipulating election rules in favor of Democrats. It is nothing but a progressive power grab and Heritage Action urges all House Members to vote against it.”

U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Senior Executive Vice President Suzanne Clark:

“American democracy benefits from the robust participation of its citizens – whether they choose to engage individually at the ballot box or collectively through a party, association, or corporation. Yet H.R. 1 would regulate and ultimately silence Americans who choose to petition their government or participate in the political process through the collective action of an association or corporation. Just as using the power of government to silence the press is antithetical to our Constitution and fundamental rights, so are the restrictions proposed in H.R. 1.”

Americans for Tax Reform:

“Since regaining control of the House of Representatives in November, Democrats have made it clear that they intend to leverage their newfound power to permanently alter American institutions to benefit themselves and their allies.

“Their first major bill, H.R. 1, will fundamentally transform how elections are conducted in the U.S., politicize the historically bipartisan Federal Elections Commission, and suppress political speech for American citizens. Instead of the ‘For the People Act of 2019,’ the bill should be called the ‘Democrat Political Protection Act of 2019.'”

Americans for Prosperity:

“We are committed to increasing the diversity of voices in civic life, protecting the privacy of American citizens, and defending the freedom of association enshrined in the Constitution. H.R. 1 fails on all fronts.  If the bill passes, it would politicize the FEC, protect incumbent politicians, silence advocacy for important issues, and discourage philanthropy to important causes. It is for these reasons that we respectfully ask you to vote no and reject H.R. 1.”

Club for Growth:

“The For the People Act tramples on the most sacred words of the Constitution. The legislation would dismantle the First Amendment by totally changing political speech. The right of the American people to criticize our elected officials is what separates us from China, Venezuela and Cuba. But this legislation would take away political anonymity for many by drastically changing reporting requirements for Americans exercising political speech.”

Association of Builders and Contractors, Vice President of Legislative & Political Affairs Kristen Swearingen:

“H.R. 1 is a misguided attempt to reform our elections and campaign finance law. In practice, the bill would discourage Americans from exercising their First Amendment right to free speech, politicize the agencies tasked with protecting our elections and expose hardworking ABC members to harassment, intimidation and retribution even when they do not participate in the political process.”

International Franchise Association, Senior Vice President of Government Relations & Public Affairs Matt Haller:

“The For the People Act laudably aims to bring more Americans into the political process, but contains substantial changes to campaign finance law that would tip the scales of power to some at the expense of others.”

Groups Opposing H.R. 1: 

Joint letter from 250+ local Chambers of Commerce and American industry groups:

“Free speech and the robust debate of ideas have been the lynchpin of American democracy and progress for more than two centuries. Because major aspects of H.R. 1 are fundamentally incompatible with that American tradition and the principles enshrined in our Constitution, we strongly urge you to oppose this legislation.” 

Joint letter from a coalition of leading conservative voices led by Conservative Action Project:

“Conservatives are united in opposing H.R. 1, the attempt by House Democrats to fundamentally undermine the American electoral system.

“While they cloak the bill in terms of ‘restoring democracy’ and ‘preventing corruption,’ the legislation has one goal: to protect incumbents, at the expense of the First Amendment, federalism, and individual voter integrity.”

Joint letter from leading First Amendment advocates led by FreedomWorks:

“Our nation is only a few years removed from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting scores of Americans for their political beliefs. H.R. 1 lifts the policy rider that banned the IRS from codifying such targeting practices into law. The lesson from that scandal was to stop political targeting, not to encourage it.

“Revealing the identities of donors and increasing the federal role in our election process are also not lessons to be learned from that scandal. As lawmakers who have taken an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution, we urge you to promote legislation that champions free speech, not legislation that severely limits it. This is why we, on behalf of the activists and voters we represent, ask you to oppose H.R. 1.”

National Taxpayers Union, Executive Vice President Brandon Arnold: 

“Despite its compelling ‘For the People’ title, H.R. 1 would greatly harm the ability of taxpayers to freely write, promote, and organize to advocate for better government. This legislation would be more appropriately named the “For the Election Lawyers and Consultants Act,” as they will be see the largest financial windfall should this bill be enacted into law. We strongly urge Members of Congress to oppose H.R. 1.”