WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) today went to the floor to urge passage of H.R. 5471, the Countering Terrorist Radicalization Act. H.R. 5471 passed with overwhelming bipartisan upport, 402-15.


“Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I thank my friend, Chairman McCaul, for bringing this package of bills to the House floor, and especially want to thank Representatives Fleischmann, Katko, and Loudermilk for their leadership in saying that we need to focus our efforts on the problem that we’ve got in this country, and that is terrorists are radicalizing Americans.

“Time after time now, we’ve seen more than a dozen terrorist attacks on American soil in the last seven years. Unfortunately, some people around this town want to take advantage of that as an opportunity to talk about gun control. Taking away rights of law-abiding citizens, Mr. Speaker, instead of focusing on the problem. They don’t just use guns, they use pressure cookers, they use pipe bombs, they use axes, they use the internet to recruit Americans. It’s time we put a sharper focus on solving this problem and addressing the fact that Americans are being radicalized and carrying out terrorist attacks here in the United States. It’s going to continue until there is a sharper focus.

“This package of bills puts the focus where it needs to be. It’s time for the President to join with us, to actually speak out on getting more tools to our intelligence agencies to go and do a better job of rooting out the attacks that are here on our home front. This is no hypothetical problem. Terrorism has come to the United States, and our hearts and prayers are with the victims of the attack in Orlando.”