WASHINGTON, D.C.— A troubling new report from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has confirmed what we already know: Obamacare has caused massive, unaffordable premium increases for millions of Americans across our country.

Using data from President Obama’s own administration, HHS found that in 2017 premiums on the Obamacare exchange had more than doubled by 105% from the average individual market premiums in 2013 before the law took effect. That’s an average monthly premium increase of $244 a month from $232 in 2013 to a whopping $476 in 2017.

In Louisiana, the news was even more dire: from before the law was enacted in 2013 until now, premiums rose on average by 123%, with monthly premiums jumping $304 a month from $248 to $552.

For many families trying to pay their bills each month, this presents a simply unaffordable choice, often forcing them to choose between paying skyrocketing premiums, or making a mortgage or a car payment. While Obamacare claims to count these folks as insured, is it really insurance at all if you cannot afford to access the health care you need?

The numbers don’t lie: the status quo under this failed law is simply unsustainable for our families. That’s why the House took action to deliver on our promises to rescue folks from this collapsing marketplace and passed the American Health Care Act to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Under our bill, premiums are lowered, choices in plans are increased, taxes are cut, costly mandates are repealed, costs are reduced, people with pre-existing conditions are protected, and Medicaid is reformed to better serve those who rely on it.

The American people cannot wait any longer. The Senate must act and pass this legislation so President Trump can sign it into law and deliver the affordable health care American families need and have been robbed of for years.