WASHINGTON, D.C.—House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox Business Channel’s Lou Dobbs Tonight to discuss the FBI’s abuse of power and abuse of the FISA process to take down President Trump’s campaign. Whip Scalise emphasized the need to hold these bad actors accountable to prevent this abuse of power from happening again, and to restore the good name of America’s intelligence agencies.

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On the FBI’s abuse of the FISA process:

“It’s a long time coming. It’s so unfortunate what happened, and clearly, we saw through the 2016 election there were some people over at FBI, small number, but some significant people who abused their power to try to literally take down a candidate for President of the United States. They abused the FISA Court, they broke the law, and frankly, I think people need to go to jail to send a message that nobody should ever think of doing that again, and to restore the good name of the intelligence agencies, like the FBI, that play such a critical role in our national security but were abused by a small number of people and they ought to pay the price.”


“I’m really looking at the Durham report, I do think that’s going to be the report that names names, and ultimately allows the Attorney General to go after these people and hold them accountable. And, like I said, I mean those people need to go to jail that abused their power because all the good people at the FBI have been dragged down by this. I mean, the country is watching this and they’re going, ‘Wait a minute, I’ve seen it now.’ We’ve seen emails and texts of people literally trying to say well this is an insurance policy, and we’re going to use our position to stop President Trump. Luckily, they didn’t, but they sure tried and you know they did. And, you know, people like Devin Nunes, other heroes who have battled know this, and we need to make sure that no President, President Trump or anybody else should have to go through this. That’s why they need to go to jail, you know, truly be held accountable.”


“President Trump called them dirty cops and that’s what they are. These are corrupt people who abused their power. You want to talk about abuse of power – to literally go in and lie to a FISA judge, or mislead a FISA judge, who signs a warrant in [the] dark of night not knowing all the facts, but knowing I’m going to trust this agent that’s in front of me, and if they’re misleading the judge, frankly, if I’m the judge I want to go after those guys who made me sign a document under false pretenses.”

On Adam Schiff’s abuse of the House Intelligence Committee:

“[Devin Nunes] has done a great job of exposing, by the way, he was the one crying out from the beginning that there were a lot of people abusing their power, and it’s finally coming to light that Devin was right. And so, what he’s saying now is, look, you saw Adam Schiff using [the Intelligence Committee] to carry out his personal political vendetta, this hatred that they have for the President to the point where Pelosi would rip up the speech that contains names of war heroes, of people killed by people who are here illegally or in sanctuary cities, because they hate [President Trump] so much. They have a job to do and they have derelict in their main duty.”


“Did Adam Schiff have any contact with the whistleblower? We know his staff surely did, you know, did he? These are questions people have but that’s not what [Democrats] are focused on, they’re trying to undo the results of the 2016 election and stop people from carrying out their will in the 2020 election and we’re not going to let it happen.”

On House Republicans standing united with the Trump Administration:

“We worked hard to make sure that Members had all the information they need [during impeachment]. Adam Schiff was trying to hide the facts from you, the press, the American people, and Members of Congress. You know, 75% of the Members of Congress were not allowed to see the facts, and we worked to get them the facts anyway and that’s why we were able to stay united. We’ve got this President’s back, we’re going to have the Attorney General’s back in doing their jobs while Pelosi, and Nadler, and Schiff are so focused on these political vendettas. The country is watching and they’re fed up with this stuff. They want a Congress that’s going to work for them as hard as they have this President who is working and delivering for the hardworking people of this country.”