WWL-TV Reveals the Personal Side of Steve Scalise

WASHINGTON, D.C.—New Orleans news station WWL-TV spent a day with House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) to get a closer look at his life and responsibilities and his recovery after last year’s shooting at the Congressional Baseball Game practice.
In part two of the special, WWL was able to see how determined Scalise has been to achieve a full recovery so he can continue to deliver results for the people of Louisiana and all Americans.

This feature was shown in two parts. Watch part one here. See below for part two.


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Steve Scalise: The personal side of the House Majority Whip

WASHINGTON D. C. – When Steve Scalise was shot at a baseball practice for an upcoming charity baseball game last year, his fight for life made headlines around the world.

Scalise had been House Majority Whip for several years, but he had suddenly become a household name. When he came back to Congress after months of rehabilitation, it was an emotional day for him, his colleagues and many Americans.

Today, Steve Scalise is on a full, and very busy schedule as House Majority Whip. He meets regularly treks across the Capitol building to meet with House leadership, the press and staff members.

You might think that after all the time Scalise has spent on Capitol Hill, and all the power he amassed, that he would become complacent. No, he still pinches himself every day that he has gotten this far.

That is very evident when he shows off his impressive digs in the Capitol building. His office is filled with stuff any Louisiana boy or girl would love. And the view from his window is spectacular.

Scalise is proud of what he was able to accomplish but never seems to flaunt it. And he could. Being Majority Whip comes with a lot of perks.

There is one thing he does like to brag about: a picture that hangs on the hall of the Lincoln room. The picture was taken at a congressional baseball game where Scalise stole home against Louisiana Congressman Cedric Richmond.

“I took off, and Cedric was going to the mound. You can see Cedric’s face going, ‘I am never going to hear the end of this.’” Scalise said.

Scalise said that he and Richmond remain good friends, even if they are on opposite sides of the aisle. Richmond was the first person to visit him in the hospital after the shooting last year, Scalise said. He said he sent Richmond an autographed copy of the photo, but for some reason, Richmond does not display it.

Scalise said becoming House Majority Whip means much more meetings and a security detail that follows him around.

“Initially, I thought that was a little odd. I learned now that there is a real reason for why they ‘re there.” They saved my life. I wouldn’t be here today if not the heroic efforts of the United States Capitol Police.”

And for all he has been through, Scalise is grateful to be healthier every day and be in a place he truly loves.

“You still get goosebumps. To me, that never gets old. If it does get old, that’s when it is time to leave,” Scalise said.

Scalise is not ready to go yet. In fact, with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan leaving Washington D.C., there is talk of Speaker Steve Scalise.

“One day, I know its something I sure would have an interest in doing that job. And doing it the right way,” Scalise said. “But I’m not there right now and I have to stay focused on doing my job. My philosophy has always been do your job that you have to the best of your ability and get as much done as you can while you have that opportunity.”