WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) today issued the below statement following House passage of H. Con. Res. 27, the House Republican Budget.

“The House Republican Budget lays out a bold vision for America that not only balances in less than ten years through economic growth and fiscal responsibility, but also strengthens and secures Medicare for seniors and pays down our nation’s $18 trillion in debt. This stands in stark contrast to President Obama’s most recent budget – or any budget he has ever proposed – which never, ever gets to balance,” Rep. Scalise said.  “Our budget reflects the priorities of the American people. Unlike the president, who proposes $2.1 trillion in new tax hikes, our budget does not raise taxes, and in fact calls for a fairer, simpler tax code that makes America competitive with the rest of the world. Our tax reform plan promotes economic growth and job creation rather than President Obama’s class warfare and Washington-knows-best approach. The House-passed budget provides real increases for a strong national defense and repeals Obamacare while paving the way for patient-centered reforms that lower costs and get federal bureaucrats out of our health care decisions.

“The House-passed budget offers responsible solutions to the many issues facing our nation, all without raising taxes. Thanks to the leadership of Chairman Tom Price and the tireless work of the members of the House Budget Committee and its staff, the American people have a roadmap to restoring fiscal sanity to Washington and expanding opportunity for all. It is my hope that the Senate will work through their budget process expeditiously so that we may go to Conference and quickly begin the reconciliation process.”