WASHINGTON, DC – At this morning’s press conference with House Republican leaders, Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) expressed the importance of passing the National Defense Authorization Act. His remarks follow:

“I think it’s very fitting as we look toward Veterans Day next week, that the House is going to be taking up the National Defense Authorization Act – a bill that provides for our troops and meets our basic constitutional responsibility to provide for a strong national defense. As conservatives, there is a strong bill that’s going to be coming forward that not only provides troops with pay raises, provides our troops with the tools and resources that they need and deserve, but also helps our allies. It helps gives resources to the Ukrainians, who want to fight against Russian aggression and helps our Middle East allies, who want to fight ISIS.

“So this is a bill that’s going to be coming forward that really does meet those obligations. There’s no better way to honor our troops the week before Veterans Day than to pass this important bill and have the President sign it once it gets to his desk.”

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