WASHINGTON, D.C.—During colloquy, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) questioned House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on whether Democrats will uphold their pledge to negotiate on border security now that the government is open. Whip Scalise secured an agreement from Leader Hoyer that Democrat members of the conference committee have full authority to work with Republicans on a compromise agreement. Now, over the coming weeks, the American people will learn if their word is good.

Check out highlights from the colloquy below or click here for the full video.

On seeking answers from Leader Hoyer on where the Democrat’s counteroffer is:  

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“Last week, the Democrat majority was going to roll out their plan for Homeland Security. Ultimately, that plan wasn’t, in fact, rolled out. Is there going to be a rollout of the plan?


“Your side said you wouldn’t negotiate during a shutdown. The shutdown is over now. Will there be a counter offer put on the table?”

On seeking Leader Hoyer’s assurance that Democrat conferees are authorized to negotiate on border security that includes a physical barrier:

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“I do think we are not that far removed from reaching a deal if we can ultimately find a way to put a real amount on the table that shows how we can secure the border, as our experts, the men and women who risk their lives to secure the border have suggested in their proposal. [Hopefully] we can come to a place where we can agree on a way to achieve border security and that includes physical barriers.


“When the gentleman from Maryland, two weeks ago, was talking about some Democrats that were going over to the White House, it was said they didn’t have the authority to negotiate. Do the Democratic conferees have the authority to negotiate on behalf of the Democrat majority in the House?”

On the hope that the Conference Committee will quickly find a compromise to adequately secure our borders: 

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“The last few weeks have been contentious. We have a lot at stake as we try to get an agreement on something that can actually work to properly fund the government and properly secure the border. I’m glad that the conferees are finally meeting.


“I hope we don’t see any attempt to run the clock out because we do have a limited amount of time. Although it is far more than enough time to reach an agreement, if all parties are truly there in earnest. I do think they are. I hope they put all options on the table and listen to all the proper expert testimony that’s been given on why we need to have certain amounts to secure the border and certain tactics, techniques and technology that are all part of this. Hopefully at the end of that discussion, very quickly they can reach an agreement that we can then bring to the House and Senate and pass in a bipartisan way that the President can sign to finally properly fund the government and secure our nation’s border.”