WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R.-La.) joined Fox News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle last night, where he criticized the lack of leadership from President Biden in addressing gas shortages along the East Coast, rising inflation, the humanitarian and national security crises at the southern border, and attacks against the Israeli people. Whip Scalise called out President Biden and Speaker Pelosi for prioritizing their radical left base instead of the needs of struggling American families, workers, and small businesses.



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On President Biden failure to lead the American people through crisis after crisis:


“What you’re seeing right here with the Biden Administration is a group of people that are way in over their heads. I mean look, all around the world — it’s on fire. You’ve got Israel under attack tonight. You’ve got lines at the gas pump. It’s like the 70s — Jimmy Carter probably wouldn’t want to be compared to this administration. Inflation’s through the roof, look at lumber prices — probably 400% up. Many schools are still closed where kids can’t even get an education, and Joe Biden [is] siding with the teachers unions instead of children in America — millions of whom may never recover from what he’s doing to them on every front. We’re seeing disaster and crisis at the border after crisis. And this President, you know, it’s like he shows up for about two hours, he can’t answer any questions and then he goes away, and they just hope they can throw shiny objects to distract the American people. But people are getting fed up. They’re seeing this. They’re very concerned about this direction — the socialist move by Pelosi and Biden.”


On the Biden Administration’s soft stance on China:


“We’re seeing a deficit of reality in the Biden Administration. I mean, if you look on the vaccine front, when Joe Biden took the oath of office, there were three vaccines — two already approved, one about to be approved that’s now allowed over 200 [million] vaccinations to be put in the arms of Americans. Joe Biden is talking about giving away not just the vaccine but the entire technology — the MRNA technology — to China for free. You talk about intellectual property theft from China, Joe Biden’s going to give it to China.” 


On President Biden mishandling the economy and encouraging unemployment: 


“[President Biden] inherited the hottest economy we’ve ever seen. He’s talking about raising taxes right now that would kill middle class jobs, and, oh, by the way, Laura, today there’s over eight million job openings and Joe Biden is paying people, borrowing from our kids, to pay people not to work. That’s probably the biggest reason why you have to wait in line to get anything from a refrigerator to a new car.”


On the CDC’s new guidelines and Speaker Pelosi’s mask hypocrisy:


“[Speaker Pelosi] let Joe Biden take his mask off at the State of the Union Address and she wants everybody else to keep the mask on. Just return to sanity. Look at states like Florida [that] are actually doing things right, they actually have a much lower death rate from COVID than states like New York who shut everything down and are keeping kids locked out of school and they’re losing a generation and want to close every small business.



“And it’s about control. She wants to control the House, she wants to keep the public out of the People’s House too. The American people are done with these shut-ins, they want to see their government in action. They want to see their government working for them which has not happened in the last six months.”