WASHINGTON, D.C.— Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.)  joined Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroom to discuss yesterday’s House Energy and Commerce’s Subcommittee on Communications and Technology and Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce’s joint hearing with Big Tech CEOs. At yesterday’s hearing, Whip Scalise grilled Jack Dorsey about how Twitter censored the New York Post’s groundbreaking story about Hunter Biden, yet continues to allow a false Washington Post story to be shared that used false information from anonymous sources to grossly mischaracterize a conversation between then-President Trump and Georgia election officials.


Whip Scalise highlighted this different standard that Twitter, Facebook, and Google apply to censor conservatives and conservative-leaning outlets compared to liberals and the liberal-leaning media. Whip Scalise emphasized how these major platforms are supposed to serve as a public forum, but instead, Big Tech CEOs are acting as publishers and choosing who can and cannot have a voice on their platform under the protections of Section 230.


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On the need to hold Big Tech CEOs accountable for their platforms’ bias against conservatives and censorship of political speech:

“Look, you saw bipartisan frustration and anger with the tech CEOs and the way they’re abusing their platforms, the way they’re hiding behind Section 230 of the law that gives them immunity from prosecution. Yet, they’re not just acting as the town square. They’re literally censoring and picking winners and losers in a forum where people thought they were going to be going just to exchange information with friends and to be able to put ideas out there. Now you see, they selectively block certain people.


When I asked Jack Dorsey on Twitter about the New York Post article, I’m glad he admitted that it shouldn’t have happened, but I mean you’re talking about a newspaper that was founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1801. They blocked their account for two weeks. They couldn’t send out anything because Twitter was bullying them, trying to force them to take down an article that turned out to be true right before an election. I mean, that’s the kind of stuff, the Hunter Biden article, that’s the kind of stuff that angers people is that they don’t see this being played out equally.


“It seems like conservatives are being targeted more by some of these social media platforms, and Twitter’s probably had the worst abuses on this. I mean, they just took Marjorie Taylor Green off of Twitter last week for probably 12 hours, and then they said it was a mistake. Who’s making these mistakes, and is it really a mistake? Why aren’t people being held accountable? I asked him that twice, and he refused to answer who’s doing this and if they’ve even been held accountable. These aren’t mistakes.”


On Big Tech’s ban of President Trump from their platforms:   


“Mark Zuckerberg said that he has a board that he put together to determine when people should be removed or put back on Facebook. I think Billy Long from Missouri said, ‘If the recommendation of your board is to put Donald Trump back on Facebook will you, Mark Zuckerberg, block that?’ Zuckerberg said no, he would not block it, that they would actually put him back on. But again, when you look, I mean, even on Twitter, President Trump is banned on Twitter. How selective are they in determining who they ban from their platforms?


“It seems like it’s conservatives that are being banned by and large. You know the Ayatollah can put out things talking about death to Israel and America. You look at the Chinese Communist Party; they’re spreading disinformation right now on Twitter. In fact, the Washington Post article that attacked President Trump and totally mischaracterized the phone call with Georgia election officials that the Washington Post themselves have admitted was wrong – they admitted that there was a false story, and yet you could still tweet that false narrative out on Twitter, but President Trump can’t refute it because he’s banned. I mean, this is the double standard that people are very angry about, and it’s got to get confronted.”