On Wednesday, Ranking Members Kevin Brady (R-Texas) and Greg Walden (R-Ore.) joined Republican Whip and Ranking Member of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis Steve Scalise (R-La.) to set the record straight in response to the release of Senate Democrats’ report blaming the Trump Administration for America’s nursing home crisis in clear ignorance of the facts:

Senate Democrats’ latest report about the administration’s nursing home response is incomplete, one-sided, and grossly misleading. The fact that Senators Casey and Peters put their names on something that fails to address their own governors’ failures shows just how unserious and partisan it is. The facts have not changed and they are obviously not on the Democrats’ side here: Five Democrat Governors mandated COVID-positive patients be forced back to their nursing homes.

“If the tragedy in our nursing homes is the federal government’s fault, the numbers would be consistent between the five states who issued deadly ‘must admit’ orders and the 45 other states. They are not consistent. Anyone paying attention knows that five states failed their nursing home patients. Once again, the grieving families affected by these orders still deserve answers, and no amount of desperate blame-shifting will stop us from getting them.

Here’s the reality:

Four Facts That Will Never Change:

  1. CMS issued its first guidance regarding COVID in nursing homes on February 6 – three weeks before the first outbreak in Kirkland, WA.
  2. CMS issued clear guidance on March 13 to avoid discharging COVID-positive patients back to a nursing home that is unable to properly treat and quarantine them.
  3. Despite that warning, five Governors issued lethal “must admit” orders mandating nursing homes accept possibly contagious and untested residents discharged from a hospital.
  4. Fearing legal repercussions, nursing homes followed these orders and these orders resulted in thousands of preventable deaths.

More details on the administration’s response:

CMS acted quickly, once it knew the states were misreporting data on nursing home fatalities, to collect data straight from the nursing homes.

CMS and the Trump Administration directed every state to test nursing home residents and staff regularly to curb the spread of infection.

The Trump Administration directly suppled all 15,000 Medicare Nursing Homes with needed PPE.

House Republicans’ Investigations: