WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), Representative Nancy Mace (R-S.C.), and Representative Victoria Spartz (R-Ind.) criticized the Biden Administration for failing to follow its own COVID-19 policies when it comes to processing and releasing illegal aliens apprehended along the southern border. Last week, Dr. Fauci admitted to Whip Scalisethat the Biden Administration is not keeping migrants six feet apart in detention facilities and is not testing them for COVID before they are transported to another detention center, in violation of their own guidance for American citizens.

In addition, Whip Scalise denounced House Democrats’ radical court packing scheme after their own House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), introduced legislation to expand the Supreme Court beyond nine Justices. Whip Scalise also called on Speaker Pelosi to reverse course on her unconstitutional D.C. statehood bill and work with Republicans to develop a bipartisan infrastructure package instead of pushing forward with their Soviet-style wish list.

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On the White House trying to distance itself from President Biden’s “crisis” comments:

“We still continue to have a crisis at America’s southern border so much so that President Biden himself, finally the other day, admitted that this is a crisis. And what was the White House’s reaction? To try to distance themselves from the comments of the President of the United States. I’ve never seen a White House before try to say that statements [made] by a President of the United States regarding a crisis doesn’t constitute the White [House’s] position. It is a crisis. I’m glad that President Biden is finally acknowledging it. I wish Vice President Harris, who President Biden put in charge of this, would actually go down and see this right now. And the fact that she still hasn’t after weeks of being in charge of it shows that they don’t take this seriously. And in fact, they have [created] this crisis. We see the drug cartels taking hold of America’s southern border. The drug cartels are making millions of dollars a day running our southern border, bringing people across illegally.”

On President Biden’s unsafe and hypocritical COVID policies at the border: 

“And by the way, we had Dr. Fauci before the Select Subcommittee on [the] Coronavirus [Crisis] last week. Dr. Fauci, under oath, testified that President Biden’s violating the CDC guidelines that he set in regards to [the] coronavirus. So, we all know the social distancing guidelines. We all know that any restaurant in America that was operating above capacity would be shut down today if they were rated for 250-person capacity. Imagine if that restaurant had 4,000 people in it. Dr. Fauci testified that yes, that restaurant would be shut down, but yet the Donna Detention Facility is [open], operating under those [kinds] of extreme conditions. And I asked Dr. Fauci if that violated CDC protocols, the way the Biden Administration is running that Donna Detention Facility and Dr. Fauci testified under oath that yes, President Biden is violating CDC protocols as it relates to the way he’s running the facility.

“We further went on and asked about the protocols that CDC has set up for American citizens that travel back from Mexico. So, if an American citizen travels to Mexico and then returns before they get on an airplane, an American citizen has to produce a negative COVID test. It’s not a recommendation. It’s a mandate that CDC has issued. So an American citizen couldn’t even get on that airplane without a negative COVID test, and yet today, you will see maybe hundreds of people from the Donna Detention Facility put on airplanes without a COVID test. Some of them, our own Border Patrol agents acknowledge, are COVID-positive being put on an airplane without a negative COVID test. So once again, the Biden Administration is making us live by one set of rules when they’re not even following their own rules. And Dr. Fauci testified under oath that [it] is violating CDC protocols as well the way that they are transporting people that came here illegally throughout the rest of the country. The Biden Administration still won’t tell us how many people have been put on airplanes, where they’re being sent because clearly those states now should be concerned about the public health crisis that is being created by the Biden Administration violating their own CDC protocols the way they are mismanaging this crisis at the border.

“This continues to be a problem. We’re going to continue to raise awareness until this gets solved. The President could solve it today by restoring the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, by reestablishing those relationships with the Northern Triangle countries that were in place during the Trump Administration and working very well; working with our partners, with our neighbors on our southern border to help control our border. That is all gone right now because President Biden got rid of it by executive action. President Biden created this mess. He can fix this mess, and we call on him to do it today.”

On Democrats’ radical efforts to pack the Supreme Court: 

“Just the other day, one of [their] top leaders, Jerry Nadler, filed a bill to pack the United States Supreme Court. And while Speaker Pelosi initially said it wasn’t going to come up right now, Jerry Nadler himself said that Speaker Pelosi [would] come around, and we couldn’t even get the Majority Leader last week to commit that this bill will not come up. So no doubt, they will continue to try to pack the Supreme Court if they can.”

On Democrats’ unconstitutional efforts to grant D.C. statehood:

“And then you look at some of the other policies that they’re talking about bringing — adding D.C. statehood against the [23rd] Amendment of our Constitution among other provisions, Article One, Section Eight of our Constitution, just ramming through a socialist agenda, not working with Republicans on infrastructure.” 

On Democrats’ Soviet-style infrastructure package:

“We want to improve America’s infrastructure, and we want to do it in a responsible way. President Biden still has not met with Republican Leadership to talk about how to do this. Instead, they’re talking about a go-it-alone bill that would include major tax hikes that every American would pay. When they say that, ‘Oh, it only will be the rich.’ I guess if you pay utility bills, you’re going to be one of those people because [the] charging stations that they want to spend billions of American tax dollars on would be paid for by monthly increases on family’s household utility bills. So, if a hard-working family out there wants to pay more in their utility bills, that’s what the Biden infrastructure bill would do. That’s not roads, bridges, ports, waterways, and broadband. Those are the things that we want to work on. That’s not what the President is working on.

“He said, when he ran for office, that he would unify and work with everybody. He has yet to follow through on that promise. Day 100 is coming [soon]. All he’s got to show for his hundred days in office is more lost jobs, killing the Keystone Pipeline, killing many energy jobs, pushing a very far-left radical agenda, opening America’s borders, trying to pack the Supreme Court. Well, that’s not what America elected President Biden to do. We’re calling on him to follow up on the promises that he made during the campaign.”