WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Bill Hemmer on Fox News to condemn the violence at the Capitol today.

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On the unacceptable violence at the Capitol:

“Well, clearly this is something that none of us accept and it’s not the way for people to act. And law enforcement — you’ve got to respect law enforcement — and to see people attacking law enforcement? There’s no place for that.

“But we are working to get the Capitol back open again this evening, to get back to work this evening. That’s where the focus is, that’s where the military and police are all working to secure the Capitol and get everything back open.”

On the unacceptable attacks against United States Capitol Police:

“Well, you know, you surely flashback to [the Congressional Baseball Game shooting], but again, today, you know, I saw the best of law enforcement, Capitol Police — who saved my life — you know, you saw them out there securing and protecting other Members of Congress from people who were coming in. They were having things hurled at them — projectiles — again, no place for that or for people to attack law enforcement.

“You saw the Capitol Police do what they do every day. They risked their lives for us. They keep the Capitol safe — those heroes that we love.” 

On the need for Congress to resume its work:

“I’m with some of the other House and Senate leadership and we are working to get things back in order. . . We were talking about that — about getting things back going tonight and keeping on doing our job.

“But, you know, I was in the chamber when they ultimately started to shut it down and the reports were pretty clear that there were people overtaking some of the doors and storming the Capitol. And there’s no place for that.”