WASHINGTON, D.C.— Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) released the following statement after several House Democrats rejected President Trump’s invitation to join House Republicans at the White House for a bipartisan working meeting to reopen the government and secure our border:

“President Trump and Congressional Republicans have continued working for weeks to reach an agreement that would reopen the government and secure our border, but it’s clear that Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer have no desire to solve this problem. By refusing to put a counteroffer on the table, Speaker Pelosi has shown that she has no interest in reopening the government and securing our border. And now by refusing President Trump’s invitation to meet at the White House today, rank-and-file House Democrats are failing to adequately represent their constituents in the first weeks of their new majority.

“It is an insult to all federal workers who haven’t been paid when House Democrats refuse to sit down and talk with the President about finding a solution to this crisis. You can’t serve the American people if you don’t show up, and it’s time House Democrats start doing their jobs.”