WASHINGTON, D.C.—House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined fellow Republican leaders to highlight the strong economic results the country is feeling thanks to President Trump and Congressional Republicans’ pro-growth policies. Whip Scalise specifically drew attention to the booming energy sector under President Trump, which has strengthened America’s national security and lowered costs for Americans. Finally, Whip Scalise stressed that while Republicans in Congress focus on improving the daily lives of Americans, Democrats continue to ignore serious problems like the border crisis in favor of harassing the President.


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On the booming American economy thanks to pro-growth Republican policies:

“Last week we celebrated more great economic news. You saw more than 250,000 new jobs created. You saw unemployment drop to a 49-year low. More people are getting into the workforce. More people are having an opportunity to achieve the American dream. The lowest unemployment in the history of our country for Hispanic-Americans, record lows for African-Americans. We’re seeing all kinds of great economic news.”

On President Trump’s upcoming trip to a South Louisiana LNG export facility:

“Part of that great recovery is coming from our energy sector. Next week, I’ll be proud to welcome President Trump to South Louisiana where he is going to see one of our LNG export facilities. This is a multi-billion-dollar private investment that allows American energy—from the innovation that we’ve achieved through so many new technological advancements from hydraulic fracking to deepwater drilling—we’re able to now export natural gas to our friends and allies around the world.

“This is incredibly helpful as we counter Putin’s influence over other countries. A lot of our allies in Eastern Europe or even in Japan don’t want to have to get their energy from countries that don’t like us and don’t like them. You see countries like Russia using energy as a political tool to exert pressure in other parts of their economy and for political influence. We’re able to take that power away from Vladimir Putin when we can sell energy to our friends, so they don’t have to get it from adversaries like Russia. When President Trump comes down to see that Sempra facility, we’re proud to welcome him to South Louisiana to see just how American energy is helping get our economy back on track.”

On the contrast between Republicans’ American energy dominance vision and Democrats’ radical proposals like Green New Deal:

“It also is a great example of the contrast between us and them when you look at what the Democrats up here, the socialist agenda of Nancy Pelosi is, on things like the Green New Deal. The Green New Deal would literally eviscerate fossil fuel development in America—getting rid of planes, getting rid of some of the other things they talk about—but we’d be getting rid of those jobs. We’d be getting rid of the things that are helping us help our allies all around the world.

“It’s a great contrast with what our agenda is on the Republican side to advance American energy to create jobs, create this record-low unemployment and these high wages. Average wages are now almost $28 per hour. The Pelosi agenda is things like the Green New Deal, AOC’s radical idea to eliminate fossil fuel development in America. Getting rid of those jobs and all of the things that come with it.

On House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler’s (D-N.Y.) focus on presidential harassment instead of addressing the border crisis:

“We’re going to continue contrast that. It’s no wonder why you see this kangaroo court being carried out by Chairman Nadler. The things he’s doing to continue to harass President Trump, President Trump’s family, President Trump’s cabinet members.

“Why don’t they focus on the business of the American people? Why don’t they focus on things in the Judiciary Committee like solving the border crisis? We have a crisis at the border, the president just sent a supplemental request to Congress, so that we could have more money for detention beds and the things that we need.

“Our border is being overwhelmed. In some cases, over 4,000 people a day are crossing illegally into our country. And the Democrats heads are in the sand. The committee of jurisdiction under Chairman Nadler’s mishandling of that committee has led to a kangaroo court where he just wants to focus on harassing the President and his family instead of focusing on the problems that our country is facing, including this crisis at the border. We don’t have a secure border and we need to address those kinds of problems instead of what we’re seeing out of Chairman Nadler and Speaker Pelosi’s other liberal lieutenants.”