WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Mike McCaul (R-Texas), and Congresswoman Michelle Steel (R-Calif.) at today’s leadership press stakeout to urge President Biden to abandon his reckless multi-trillion-dollar tax-and-spending spree because it will raise taxes on middle class families, ship jobs overseas, and cause the price of everyday household items to skyrocket. In addition, Whip Scalise slammed Congressional Democrats for prioritizing their socialist agenda instead of working to address the issues hurting hard-working American families: President Biden’s self-made inflation crisis, supply chain crisis, and border crisis.


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On the Biden Administration’s far-left, socialist policies causing inflation: 


“When you look at what’s going on this week, it’s unbelievable that when you see just a wave of crises after crises facing hard work and families. There is not a single bill on the floor this week to address any of the crises that families are facing.


“Clearly, the inflation crisis is probably the biggest cut to the paychecks of lower-income and middle-income families. When you look at all of the goods that are up: gasoline over 40 percent higher, bacon 19 percent higher, used cars [are] more than 30 percent more. If you can find an appliance, you’re going to probably pay 30 percent more for it because of the supply chain crisis, and yet not a single bill on the floor this week to address any of those [crises].”


On Democrats prioritizing President Biden’s trillion-dollar tax-and-spending spree instead of helping American families:


“In fact, this week, you see another attempt by Speaker Pelosi and the far-left socialists who are driving the agenda to try to pass this massive multi-trillion-dollar tax and spend bill that would make inflation even worse. It would make these crises even worse. When you look at the package that they’re trying to get passed at any cost whether it’s [$1 trillion] or more, it would be devastating to lower-income families.”


On President Biden breaking his pledge to not impact the paychecks of families making less than $400,000:


“When President Biden promised that anybody who makes under $400,000 won’t pay a dime in new taxes, families already know that’s a lie because they’re paying more today for Biden’s inflation, which is a tax on low-income families at the highest level. And then you add on top of that trillions in new spending – things like a natural gas tax. Any family who uses natural gas in America [would] pay more if that bill were to become law. And they’re already paying too much for energy. Energy costs are higher. Under this bill, [there would be] over a 14 percent increase in energy costs for families.”


On Democrats’ provision in the tax-and-spend bonanza that would weaponize the IRS:


“When you look at some of the other proposals and what they would do to spend this money, they want to hire another 80,000 IRS agents. Who in America thinks that having 80,000 more IRS agents is a good thing for them and their paychecks? Especially when the Biden Administration wants to track every financial transaction over $600, and that’s cumulative. Everything you spend, they want to track, and they’ll have 80,000 more IRS agents to do just that. That will hit lower and middle-income families harder than they’re already being hit.” 


On the Biden Administration’s disastrous open-door immigration policies:


“And now, they’re trying to lower expectations for Christmas, for goodness sake. Why don’t they bring bills to the floor to address those crises that they created? They can fix these crises. The border crisis can be reversed tomorrow if they just go back to the policies that were working before President Biden took office. And instead, they want to double down. They’re flying thousands of people, at dark at night on 2:00 AM flights to states. They don’t even give a heads up to those states [about] who they’re sending and how many, and they’re trying to be secretive about all of this. This has to end.”


On House Republicans’ efforts to help middle class families:


“[The] American people are demanding that we get back to a sane, sound policy that works for hard-working families. That’s what we as House Republicans are going to continue to promote. Policies that work for hard-working families instead of policies that are going to continue to increase inflation, to raise spending in Washington at the expense of middle class and lower-income families.”