WASHINGTON, D.C.—House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox News Channel’s The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino to discuss the economic boom currently being seen in America and how Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, would like to reverse this growth by raising taxes on American workers.


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On if Nancy Pelosi became Speaker:

“…Nancy Pelosi is working as hard as ever to try to become Speaker again. We don’t need to roll the clock back to 2008 when she had the super majority in the House and they had the Senate and Barack Obama was president and they wrecked our economy. We are finally getting our economy back on track. People are seeing more money in their paychecks. They like the direction we are headed. The last thing we need to do is what Pelosi said earlier this week. She wants to raise taxes at a time when people are seeing how tax cuts are creating more jobs and rebuilding our middle class. Let’s make sure we keep respecting the value of hard work and getting our economy moving in the right direction, not go backwards.”

On Republican action to grow the economy:

“I think it shows the real contrast. We talk about the tax cut bill everywhere we go. People like what it is doing. Small businesses, medium size businesses, they are growing. They are hiring more people. They are raising the wages of their workers. That is really important. But we also talk about the other things we have done working with President Trump, things like the regulatory reforms. My goodness, the regulatory state, every day you would wake up and a different federal agency is trying to shut you down and run manufacturing to other countries.”
“Sixteen different bills now, Dana, we’ve gotten to President Trump’s desk that actually roll back permanently Obama-era regulations, plus what the president has done on his own. And let’s not even talk about how successful President Trump’s foreign policy is. this president has done a great job at restoring American strength around the world and rebuilding our economy here at home.”
“We are going to still be moving a lot of good bills out of the House, including some infrastructure bills. We just passed an FAA bill that has some infrastructure reforms. We are getting ready to move a water resources bill that touches all the different water problems around the country, like Corps of Engineers issues, to reform the broken ways that the corps and other agencies do business—streamlining permitting—that is a big deal.”