WASHINGTON, D.C.—At the House Republican Leadership stakeout today, Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) highlighted how Republican majorities in Congress, working with President Trump, have helped all Americans succeed. American families are Better Off Now thanks to Republican pro-growth policies that have led to record low levels of unemployment, increased wages, and more opportunity for everyone to achieve the American dream. In contrast, Nancy Pelosi has promised to raise taxes if she were to become Speaker in an effort to send the country backwards and reverse the positive economic trends we have seen under this Republican Congress.


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On how American families, thanks to Republican majorities in Congress working with President Trump, are Better Off Now:

We love to see the enthusiasm that Barry [Loudermilk] and my other colleagues have about the things we have been working on. To see the success for families that have been struggling for years, to finally see real opportunity. Families are better off now because of the things that we have done together, working with President Trump and this Republican majority. The historic tax cuts were something that we felt very confident would get the economy moving again. I think everybody has been surprised at how fast the economy started moving and how successful this growth has been to lift everybody up.

To see people that had just given up looking for jobs for years—millions of them now are realizing they now have a shot at the American dream. They are getting back into the workforce. They are buying their first house. That’s what economic growth is all about. That’s what we’re fighting for. We’re fighting for those families that had been left behind for years. They’ve been left behind because of failed liberal policies.

Look at the contrast right now with the work that we’re doing with this Republican majority to finally get the regulatory state under control. In Washington, DC, it seemed like every federal agency, these unelected bureaucrats in Washington, would wake up every morning trying to figure out how they could stop companies across the country from growing. We literally saw the regulatory state running jobs to foreign countries, running jobs out of America. It was killing our middle class. Now all of a sudden, because of the things that we’ve been doing working with the Trump Administration that trend is reversing. Jobs are coming back to America. Companies are looking to hire more people. They’re giving pay raises to their workers. That’s what economic growth is all about.

On how different things could be under Democratic majorities: 

At the same time that we are talking about keeping this success going because families are better off now, we’re seeing the Left talking about going in the opposite direction. What do you see Nancy Pelosi and her colleagues talking about? They want to go to a single-payer health care system where costs will keep going up. They want to actually reverse the tax cuts and raise taxes on hardworking families who are now benefiting from the successes we’re seeing.

They want to [abolish] ICE for goodness’ sake. Our border patrol agents who are keeping our country safe, they want to take that away now.

…Families are better off now because of the successes we have worked together to achieve.

This is not the place to turn back. You don’t want to see this success reversed and go back to the days where people just gave up looking for work. Let’s keep the success going. And that’s what we’re going to continue fighting to do. Fighting for those families that were struggling and are now seeing an opportunity to have their chance at the American dream.