WASHINGTON, D.C.— House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Leader McCarthy and Conference Chair Cheney at today’s leadership press stakeout to discuss the enthusiasm he heard about the booming economy as he traveled to districts across the country over the summer. The issues he heard about from folks stand in strong contrast to the Democrats’ radical priorities and do-nothing agenda. He also congratulated the Eastbank All-Stars of River Ridge, Louisiana, on winning the Little League World Series last month.

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On Americans’ priorities: 

“I was able to travel to 18 different states to meet with a lot of other colleagues in their districts, to meet with folks all across the country— you can see a difference in interest in what’s happening in the economy, you can see great job numbers of the last couple of weeks, you can see about a half a million more people enter the workforce, and wages are going up . . . 

“You can see when you go to other states, especially these swings states, battleground states, whether it’s Pennsylvania or Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Minnesota — the enthusiasm for the policies we’ve been working on with President Trump to implement.”

On Democrats’ efforts to reverse America’s recent success:

“Every single day it seems like the Democrats only want to talk about impeachment, they’re bringing energy bills to the floor this week that would only reverse the success that America’s had.

“We are the energy dominant country in the world right now, we’re exporting oil, we’re exporting natural gas, we’re helping our friends around the world, that actually reduces the trade deficit, by the way, when we’re selling energy to other countries — and what do the Democrats say to all that success? They say they want to stop it.

“And [Democrats are] bringing three different bills to the floor this week that would reverse so much of that success. The President has issued a veto threat on all three of those bills, they won’t go anywhere, but it just shows you where the Democrats are.

“When you see the economy doing so well, when you see people having higher wages because of good, effective, conservative policy, [Democrats] answer is to try to stop it and move towards a leftist, socialist agenda, which has proven to be wrong every time.”

On the Little League World Series Champions:

“Finally, on a positive note as well, back home in my district I was very proud to welcome the Eastbank All-Stars from River Ridge, Louisiana, who won the Little League World Series – first time in the history of our state that we had a team go to the championship game, let alone win the whole thing against Curaçao.”