WASHINGTON, DC  In response to New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent attempt to blame long-term care staff for infecting residents  rather than his deadly nursing home order  Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis Ranking Member Steve Scalise (R-La.) issued the following statement:

“It’s despicable, but not surprising that Governor Cuomo is once again trying to shift the blame for New York’s disproportionate nursing home deaths to anyone but himself and his administration’s deadly policies. To blame the very frontline heroes who put their lives on the line to care for nursing home patients is a new low, even for him. It’s also notable that Governor Cuomo has once again shifted his story from denying he put policies in place to mandate nursing homes accept COVID-positive patients, to now doubling down on his reckless guidance that ran counter to CMS recommendations. Despite his ever-changing narrative, the facts haven’t changed: On March 25, Governor Cuomo mandated New York nursing homes admit COVID-positive patients to their facilities regardless of their ability to isolate them in direct contradiction of guidance released by CMS almost two weeks earlier on March 13. This resulted in at least 25% of New York’s COVID deaths coming from nursing homes and a mortality rate 500% higher per capita than Florida  a state that followed protocols. Governor Cuomo has no one but himself to blame for this tragedy.”

Watch Governor Cuomo’s outrageous remarks here or by clicking on the image below: