WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) introduced a resolution denouncing the horrors of socialism with Congresswoman María Elvira Salazar (R-Fla.), Congressman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), and over 190 Members of Congress.


This resolution outlines several historical examples of the greatest crimes and tragedies of socialism, and why such a system goes against the founding principles of our great nation. It specifically highlights examples in USSR, China, Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela. Through this resolution, the House of Representatives denounces socialism in all its forms and opposes the implementation of socialist policies in the United States of America.


The massive pro-democracy protests in Cuba prove once again that socialism always fails. Over 500 people are now in political prisons and torture camps for protesting against the regime. In 1959, Cuba was the 3rd richest country in the Western Hemisphere. Today, it is one of the poorest countries on earth. America must send a clear message to the people of Cuba that we stand with them in their struggle for freedom against Castro’s tyranny.


Socialism is responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths across the globe. The United States must unequivocally denounce this cynical and cruel ideology that has harmed millions of Americans who have fled from socialist regimes.


“As Americans, we must stand against all authoritarian governments that oppress the rights of their citizens. Hundreds of thousands of Russians, Chinese, Cambodians, Koreans, Cubans, and Venezuelans have fled from murderous communist dictatorships and have legally resettled here in America. They are a living testament to the barbarity of these socialist regimes and the promise of the American dream. The natural progression of socialist and communist policies is a totalitarian state that deprives its citizens of basic freedoms and human rights. The American people know this – they’ve seen horrors of communism and the tens of millions killed by reckless state planning in China, the Soviet Union, North Korea, and elsewhere. I am proud to support Congresswoman Salazar’s resolution outlining the horrors of socialism because this harmful ideology is opposed to everything the United States stands for and the Founding Fathers’ belief in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” said House Republican Whip Steve Scalise.


“Over the past week, the world has borne witness to the brutality of the 62-year socialist Castro dictatorship in Cuba,” said Congresswoman Salazar. “The Cuban people have taken to the streets chanting ‘FREEDOM!’ ‘DOWN WITH COMMUNISM!’ because socialism has failed everywhere it has been imposed. As the daughter of political refugees, I understand firsthand how socialism only leads to hunger, misery, oppression, and exile. I’m introducing this resolution condemning the horrors of socialism because America was built on freedom and we must never allow our country to go down the path of socialist tyranny.”


“With its body count exceeding 100 million, socialism is one of the most destructive ideologies in world history. The House of Representatives should unequivocally repudiate this poisonous dogma, which is antithetical to American values,” said Congressman Devin Nunes.


“We thank Congresswoman Maria Salazar for leading the fight against socialism and the Cuban regime. The ongoing protests in Cuba should serve as a lesson to every Member of Congress who wishes to impose government control over the American people. The cause for freedom is universal and we stand behind Rep. Salazar, her constituents, and the people of Cuba in their fight for a Cuba Libre!” said Adam Brandon, President, FreedomWorks.


The LIBRE Initiative issued the following statement: “As the Cuban people cry out for freedom and liberty, it is imperative that our country send a strong signal to the world that socialism is a failed, corrosive and dangerous ideology resulting in misery and poverty. We commend Reps. Salazar, Scalise, and Nunes for introducing this resolution outlining the horrors of socialism – to remind the American people, and the world, about the tragic crimes and tragedies that have resulted from socialism whenever and wherever it’s been tried.”


Original Cosponsors (195):*Scalise, *Nunes, McCarthy, Waltz, Chabot, Bice, Buck, Gosar, Mooney, Budd, Gimenez, Burchett, Gibbs, Weber, Norman, Issa, Cawthorn, Crawford, Diaz-Balart, Arrington, Hinson, Malliotakis, Aderholt, Hern, Biggs, McClain, Walorski, LaMalfa, Hice, Williams, Duncan, Tiffany, Massie, Franklin, Posey, Herrell, McClintock, Cammack, Steube, Dusty Johnson, McKinley, Carol Miller, Wittman, Nehls, Fleischmann, Buchanan, Brooks, Miller-Meeks, Valadao, Jordan, Rutherford, Chris Smith, Cheney, Ferguson, Newhouse, Greg Murphy, LaTurner, Grothman, Van Duyne, Buddy Carter, Schweikert, Gonzalez-Colon, Mast, Ronny Jackson, Wagner, Jason Smith, Bilirakis, Stewart, Harris, Fallon, DesJarlais, Bacon, Womack, Letlow, Gooden, Allen, Garret Graves, Cline, Dan Bishop, Stefanik, Van Drew, Estes, Owens, Mann, Luetkemeyer, Rodney Davis, Huizenga, Calvert, Burgess, Guest, Harshbarger, Gohmert, Stauber, Lesko,  Pfluger, Good, Mike Rogers, Lahood, Reschenthaler, Wenstrup, Palazzo, Cloud, Barry Moore, Mullin, Keller, Balderson, Kustoff, Sessions, Bergman, Mike Kelly, Feenstra, McMorris Rodgers, Babin, Upton, Perry, Blake Moore, Hudson, Dunn, Hartzler, Lamborn, Fulcher, Gaetz, Tenney, Bost, Mike Johnson, Simpson, Mike Garcia, Trent Kelly, Joe Wilson, Mary Miller, Cole, Rouzer, Zeldin, Turner, Hal Rogers, Tony Gonzales, Latta, Webster, Spartz, Taylor, Crenshaw, Meuser, Timmons, Obernolte, Hagedorn, Smucker, Austin Scott, Herrera-Beutler, Mace, Anthony Gonzalez, Loudermilk, Bill Johnson, Bucshon, Mark Green, Moolenaar, Walberg, Palmer, Young Kim, Taylor Greene, Guthrie, Amodei, Sam Graves, Garbarino, Steel, Donalds, Adrian Smith, Don Young, Lucas, Meijer, Carl, Tom Rice, Hill, GT Thompson, Rose, Comer, Clyde, Davidson, Gallagher, Steil, Roy, Barr, Foxx, McHenry, Katko, Boebert, Baird, David Joyce, Fitzgerald, Emmer, Chris Jacobs, Westerman, Griffith, Curtis, Granger, Fischbach, Banks


Supporting Groups: Heritage Action, FreedomWorks, the LIBRE Initiative