WASHINGTON, D.C. – At a House Republican Leadership press conference today, Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) discussed the Financial CHOICE Act and the failures of Obamacare.

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On the Financial CHOICE Act…

“You can just see in every one of our communities how Dodd-Frank has been devastating [for] family businesses, the ability [of] small businesses to get loans, [and] the fact that a local community bank closes every single day because of the unworkable, devastating regulations of Dodd-Frank. The law has failed miserably and it’s made it harder for families to get free checking. It’s made it harder for first time home buyers…to get that first loan if they’re able to maneuver through the red tape and mountains of regulations of Dodd-Frank. What it has done to small business lending has been devastating, again increasing the cost of small business loans and in many cases denying small businesses that ability to get a first-time loan.

“We are taking real strong action to provide that relief with the Financial CHOICE Act, and I appreciate the work that Chairman Hensarling and his committee did to get this in a position where we can bring it to the floor tomorrow, have a strong vote, and send it over to the Senate where hopefully they’ll follow suit and provide that relief for families in our local communities who are struggling under the weight of a failed law.”

On the failures of Obamacare…

“This this week we just heard more news about the failures of Obamacare. You just saw in Ohio where Anthem is pulling out of the entire health care marketplace in that state. A new report came out showing just how devastating Obamacare has been at raising costs for families across the country—over a hundred percent increase, literally doubling premiums for families since Obamacare passed till today in my home state of Louisiana. It’s been even worse where average premium increases have been over 120 percent because of the failures of the law.

“Luckily, we passed a bill through the House to provide relief from Obamacare for families. I know the Senate is working to get to a point where they can provide similar relief by passing their bill, and we encourage them to keep doing the work that they’re doing to get a bill to President Trumps desk.”