WASHINGTON, D.C.—Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) issued the following statement today regarding comments made by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, in which she admitted that her private meeting with former President Bill Clinton “cast a shadow” over the Department of Justice’s criminal investigation into the activities of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

“Attorney General Lynch finally admitted that her private meeting with Bill Clinton ‘cast a shadow’ over the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s unlawful activities. If Lynch is truly concerned about preserving the public’s trust in this investigation, she must immediately take the obvious step of recusing herself and appointing a special prosecutor to handle the Clinton investigation. Frankly, Loretta Lynch’s comments today raise more questions than answers—both about her own judgement, and the apparent belief by the Clintons that they don’t need to follow the same rules as other Americans. I once again call on Lynch to recuse herself from this criminal investigation and appoint a special prosecutor to impartially pursue the Clinton case going forward.”