WASHINGTON, D.C. — Yesterday, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Newsmax’s Eric Bolling The Balance to discuss Speaker Pelosi’s unprecedented action of rejecting Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Congressman Jim Banks (R-Ind.) from serving on the January 6th Select Committee. In addition, Whip Scalise called out Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats for their ridiculous attempts to distance themselves from their efforts to defund the police and emphasized that Democrats’ radical anti-police agenda has caused a dramatic rise in crime in cities across the country and record rates of police retirements.


Whip Scalise also slammed Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s authoritarian mask mandate in the House of Representatives and pointed out that it’s easier for COVID-positive migrants to enter the United States than it is for American citizens traveling abroad.


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On Speaker Pelosi’s unprecedented action of blocking two Republicans from serving on the January 6th Committee:


“Look, I wouldn’t be here without the heroism and bravery of the United States Capitol Police [and] the Virginia law enforcement officers. You know, we all want to support law enforcement from all walks of life, but you didn’t see Democrats expressing any sympathy or support for police officers across America during the summer last year when they were being attacked, murdered, cities being burned down, civilians being attacked and murdered. They don’t want to talk about that. 


“Frankly, they don’t even want to talk about Speaker Pelosi’s role. There have been many questions raised. Was she, weeks in advance, made aware that they should have national guard, and did she turn that down? She won’t even let that be discussed in this hearing. So clearly, they made it very clear that they did not want this to be an impartial commission when they kicked Jim Jordan and Jim Banks off of it. They want it to [be] just Speaker Pelosi’s narrative. But again, some of the same Democrats that are behind this were the ones that were offering to bail out people who were burning down cities and beating up cops during the ‘Summer of Love’ last year.”


On Democrats’ support of the radical “Defund the Police” movement:


“Well, look, I met with a lot of them [on] January 7th, the day after the attacks. And I saw a lot of them were in personal confrontations, had physical scars from that day. But again, you know, you look at a lot of cities that are defunding their police and crime is out of control. The Capitol needs to be protected, the Legislative Branch of government, just like the Judicial and Executive Branch of government. But what about every city in America where you have a lot of these Democrat officials defunding their police then they increase their own private security while they’re taking away the security of regular hard-working taxpayers? I think that’s the thing that’s got people so irate.” 


On Speaker Pelosi’s authoritarian mask mandate:


“Yeah, and Eric, I share [Congressman Roy’s] frustration because if you look at this, you know, the science is being thrown out the window a lot of times because a lot of these Democrats wanted the shutdowns last year. They wanted to keep kids out of schools, and you see some of them trying to lay the groundwork for that to happen again. That can’t happen again. And frankly, the science says the kids should be in schools, and vaccinated people are protected by and large. And we should be promoting the vaccine is safe and effective, not sending mixed messages that even if you’re vaccinated, if you as a citizen, want to come into the United States Capitol and see your government in action, they will arrest you.


“Speaker Pelosi was behind an arrest order that said they’ll arrest you vaccinated if you don’t have a mask in the Capitol, yet you can come across our southern border illegally with COVID and no mask and you’re given free plane tickets or bus tickets to go all throughout America with COVID, spreading COVID. It’s going on. They all know it. Biden supports this. This is his policy. And so, the contradictions I think are well on display for all of America to see. This idea that somehow COVID stops at the Senate chamber because if you’re in the House chamber, Pelosi is saying you’ll get arrested if you come in without a mask. But if you go in the Senate without a mask, it’s fine. This is the kind of mixed messages and lunacy that is driving people nuts all across the country.”


On Speaker Pelosi’s partisan theatrics:


“It’s beneath the dignity of the House Speaker’s position. And frankly, I think Nancy Pelosi is feeling the heat. She is a lame-duck Speaker. I think she knows it. She’s feeling that pressure. And unfortunately, some people when [the] pressure is applied, they crack. She ought to apologize to Leader McCarthy. But again, it’s beneath the dignity of the office to try to resort to name-calling. This is not high school. We’re trying to run the greatest democracy in the history of the world. And she’s being led around by a bunch of socialists who want to destroy the fabric of this country. Unfortunately, they’re passing a lot of really dangerous legislation. That’s where we’re working to take the House back next year to stop this madness.”