WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) released the following statement in response to explosions outside Kabul’s airport killing several U.S. service members and Afghan civilians:


“Today’s terrorist attack at the Kabul airport is heartbreaking, and I express my deepest sympathies and prayers to the service members killed as well as their families. As our hearts are heavy, there is also tremendous anger that this disgraceful attack was avoidable, and this loss of life should have never happened.


“I would like to offer my deepest sympathies and prayers to the military families who lost a loved one today. We are all praying for the Americans still stranded behind enemy lines in Afghanistan. We also pray for the Afghan people and for the safety of our brave men and women in uniform who are heroically serving in Afghanistan right now under incredibly difficult conditions.


“As the leader of the free world, President Biden should have never agreed to the Taliban’s withdrawal deadline of August 31st, especially considering there are still roughly 1,000 Americans who are stranded behind enemy lines. This was a predictable and self-inflicted disaster and would have never happened if the President did not allow the Taliban to take control of Afghanistan before every American had safely evacuated. Now more than ever, President Biden must commit to safely bring home every remaining American still stranded in Afghanistan.”