WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) pressed Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) in today’s colloquy for answers on why Speaker Pelosi took the unprecedented action of rejecting Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Congressman Jim Banks (R-Ind.) from serving on the January 6th Select Committee. Whip Scalise called out President Biden and Congressional Democrats for their tax-and-spend agenda that has caused severe inflation on everything from the price of gasoline to grocery store products like eggs and milk.

Additionally, Whip Scalise denounced the far-left’s “Defund the Police” movement as cities across America deal with increased violent crime that has left law enforcement agencies reeling and demoralized. Whip Scalise also criticized Democrats’ efforts to eliminate Hyde Amendment protections despite nearly five decades of bipartisan agreement to keep those protections in place and prevent taxpayer dollars from funding abortions. Whip Scalise vowed that Republicans would continue to fight Democrats’ radical, pro-abortion policies.

See highlights from the colloquy below.

On Speaker Pelosi’s unprecedented blocking of Republicans from January 6th Committee:

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“The Majority Leader will have an opportunity, but there were a number of things you said I think that need to be cleaned up because they’re just not accurate. And so, if you look at the members that were kicked off from the minority side yesterday, still no explanation given by the way, that includes a Ranking Member of a committee and an officer in the United States Navy, who was removed yesterday by Speaker Pelosi with no reason, given in an unprecedented way. Maybe Speaker Pelosi, and maybe this majority, don’t want to see all the facts come out because they were surely raising those two members, who were removed yesterday. Were raising very serious questions that ought to be answered. Whatever those answers are, whatever those facts are, they were publicly raising questions. And maybe because they raised those questions that might be uncomfortable for the majority. They were removed from the committee with no explanation given. That had never happened before in the history of this Congress.

“So again, if you want the facts, don’t sit there and say that you want the facts if you’re going to remove people who are trying to get facts who are raising serious questions that should be answered. They raised them publicly, and they were going to raise them in the committee. And maybe because they were going to raise those tough questions, they were removed by the Speaker. Members of the minority who were removed by the Speaker. I don’t know if that’s the new precedent that the Majority Leader wants to see in the future, but I’ll tell you, since the gentleman likes quoting Liz Cheney, I will read this quote from Liz Cheney. ‘Speaker Pelosi and the Democrat majority have no business determining which Republicans sit on committees.’

“That is from Liz Cheney. That is a quote about Ms. Greene, but it’s a general quote about whoever it is. You can go down your list. By the way, there are members of the majority who were on that committee who voted [in previous years] to reject electors. Maybe not this year’s January 6th, but as the gentleman knows, every Republican president this century has had Democrats on this House Floor object to electors being seated, including multiple members of the January 6th committee on the majority side. They weren’t removed. In fact, they were appointed by the Speaker.

“Yet, two of our members who raised very serious questions about facts that should be answered, wherever those answers lead, were removed because maybe the majority doesn’t want all the facts to come out. Maybe they only want a certain narrative to come out. That’s not an investigation. That’s a kangaroo court if that’s the approach that’s going to be taken. But the action taken yesterday by the Speaker, the unprecedented action undermines the credibility of that commission. And it’s a shame for the institution because the members we appointed were going there to find the facts, to help participate in finding the facts. And clearly, that’s not the interest now of this committee. That was exposed yesterday in the Speaker’s unprecedented action. … And as the gentleman knows, that pendulum swings both ways, but never before this year had a majority removed members that minority leaders submitted for committees. It’s just not what’s happened in this institution, but now it seems to be the norm because maybe some people that are asking tough questions are asking too tough of questions that this majority doesn’t want to be answered.”

On Speaker Pelosi being afraid of the facts coming out:

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“And again, if the facts were what the majority wants, then the majority wouldn’t be afraid of certain members asking tough questions that maybe the majority doesn’t want. And since the gentleman brought up Mr. Jordan, I’ll tell you a question that Mr. Jordan’s been raising publicly. One of the questions Mr. Jordan has been raising is, ‘Why weren’t the Capitol Police better equipped when there was intelligence prior — weeks prior — to January 6th, that there may be large crowds — there may be threats — why weren’t the Capitol Police more equipped? Were National Guard offered to the capital that were rejected? And at what level, if that’s the case, were they rejected? Maybe he was starting to ask those questions. Maybe he should have just sat back and not raise those questions until after the committee started. But he started raising those questions. And by the way, they’re important questions to be answered, but he won’t be able to ask those questions about why the Capitol Police weren’t better equipped because Speaker Pelosi yanked him off the committee when he was selected by the Minority Leader.

“And you could talk about the power of the Speaker and brag that that’s her power, but just because you have the might, doesn’t make it right. What she did was an abuse. To say, ‘I’m just going to choose who on the Republican side I’m going to allow. But boy, if some other members are going to ask tough questions, I have the power to take them off.’ That’s not what power is used for. This House, this democracy, we should want the facts. And if some members are going to ask tough questions, you should want everybody to be asking tough questions. And if the facts lead, there you go there. If the facts don’t lead, there you go somewhere else. And you ask more tough questions. But if some members are going to ask tough questions that the majority doesn’t want to be asked, well, that undermines the credibility of that commission to remove them from asking those questions.

“Maybe [Congressman Jordan] was punished for raising tough questions in advance of the hearing and should have waited. But in the end, those were questions. Sheriff Nehls who was also one of our selections. He was right there with these brave Capitol Police officers holding down the House of Representatives, so the chamber wasn’t breached. Sheriff Nehls was right there. But again, if the integrity of that commission is now undermined because Speaker Pelosi chose to remove people who were going to ask tougher questions, then ultimately, it proves that this is not a commission set on finding the facts. It’s a commission set on establishing a narrative, regardless of the facts. That’s a disgrace for this institution to go down that road. There’s still time to reconsider. I would urge the majority to reconsider how they use or abuse the power that’s vested upon them.”

On Democrats’ out-of-control spending leading to skyrocketing inflation:

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“There are also a number of other issues dealing with inflation. We’re seeing a dramatic increase in inflation across this country — everything somebody buys from going to a grocery store. We’re paying more for things like eggs and milk. If you try to go on a summer vacation right now, you’re paying over 40 percent more for gasoline. You’re seeing it across the board, and that dramatic increase in inflation is a tax. It’s a tax on hard-working families.

“This [poster] shows for the gentleman so many of those things — used cars up 45 percent if you can even find a car to buy because there is such a shortage when the government is paying people not to work. The borrowing, by the way, and spending of trillions of dollars, which [are] some of the items that are going to be coming to the floor next week and beyond, trillions more, much of it deficit spending, is part of the reason we’re seeing inflation in those things. Gas [is] up 45 percent, home prices [are up] 15 percent, milk [is up] 5 percent, and laundry machines [are up] 29 percent if you can get one. You might have to wait six months to get a washer and dryer.

“All of this is a tax on hard-working, middle class families. What we should be doing is bringing legislation to the floor to confront these problems. Not to keep spending trillions and trillions more in deficit spending and higher taxes that ultimately would lead to [an] evaporation of middle class jobs, which is what the majority’s bringing. But I would hope that the gentleman would look at legislation [and begin] working with Republicans, to start addressing some of these problems that are affecting household families all across this country — Republican, Democrat, Independent, [it] doesn’t matter. They’re seeing this problem, and they would like to see this Congress confront it, not make it worse with more deficit spending, with more multi-trillion-dollar spending bills and higher taxes that will ship more jobs overseas, shutting down energy production in America. While the President’s signing or authorizing agreements with Russia to use pipelines to ship their energy to other countries, he’s shutting down pipelines in America so that we can use more of our natural resources. Again, leading to higher prices across the board — things that are adversely affecting families. I would hope we could bring legislation to confront these challenges to the floor.”

On Democrats supporting the “Defund the Police” movement:

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“I don’t think the gentleman has seen any stronger support for police than on this side of the aisle. I have been maybe more vocal than anyone about support for the United States Capitol Police because I would not be here alive today without the bravery and heroism of the Capitol Police. And I think we all stand with them.

“And ultimately, when you look at the supplemental when it came through the House in May, there were a number of members on the Democrat majority side who voted against that supplemental, who’ve been vocal about defunding the police. And in fact, we’ve been trying to bring up H. Res 352, which expresses support for police and opposition to this crazy, radical idea of defunding the police where many of these cities that have actually defunded police are seeing rapid increases in crime and even more, and I know I’ve held roundtables with sheriffs from the New Orleans area, as many of my colleagues have met with law enforcement. They’ll tell you the biggest challenge today, in addition to the growing crime wave they’re seeing, is a demoralization around the country for police because they see these efforts to defund the police, and they see elected officials speaking out publicly against police.

“And it is not coming from the Republican side. I think the gentleman knows where it’s coming from, but why won’t this bill be brought to the floor to just express support for police? The fact that the majority on the Democrat side will not bring a resolution to express support for police, H. Res 352 by Ms. Malliotakis and others, at a time when we are seeing around the country not only a demoralization but an increase in resignations, people leaving the great work of law enforcement because they see in those communities that have defunded the police a lack of support. Most sheriffs will tell you they’re having trouble recruiting new people right now because of the attacks on police all around the country that we saw from the summer through where cops were murdered, shot, beaten, and yet a resolution to express support, to let them know that we have their back, still won’t be brought to the floor by this majority. I hope the gentleman would look at bringing H. Res 352 to the floor so that we can actually express to all police that we support them and that we do have their back.”

On Democrats removing the Hyde Amendment and allowing taxpayer money funding abortion:

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“There are a lot of very, very extreme radical elements that were put in that bill, but there is also something very alarming, and that was a break, a departure from over 40 years of bipartisan agreement on what is known as the Hyde Amendment.

“Henry Hyde, in the 1970s, was able to get agreement between Republicans and Democrats to say on all the things we may disagree with let’s at least agree that taxpayer funding should not be used for abortions. And overwhelming majorities of Republicans and Democrats have supported that going back to 1976.

“This appropriations bill guts the Hyde Amendment, and why this Democrat majority decided to break from decades of bipartisan agreement on Hyde is perplexing. But I would hope, among many other things, we’d be able to have that full debate on the House Floor. That amendments like restoring Hyde would be made in order. Not a closed process, not a very narrow process, where the goal would be to push a hyper-partisan bill out of the House that won’t become law.”