WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends to preview tonight’s Congressional Baseball Game and reflect on his recovery from the Congressional Baseball Game practice shooting, where he nearly lost his life. Four years later, Whip Scalise has made a strong recovery and will help lead his team to victory against the Democrats.


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Carley Shimkus: I am with Congressman Steve Scalise. It’s such an honor to talk to you. And Democrats just took the field so you can scout out the opposition right now.


House Republican Whip Steve Scalise: That’s right, Carley. Good to be with you. Miss all of our friends back in the studio, but we’re glad to have you back here. Two years ago, we came here.


Shimkus: Oh, it’s so good to be here.


Whip Scalise: We’re in the Big League Ballpark, Carley.


Shimkus: And fans are going to be in the stands.


Whip Scalise: Twenty-six thousand tickets have already been sold for today’s game. 


Shimkus: And it’s not just for fun. This is also a charity event. So this raises over a million dollars for charity?


Whip Scalise: They said we’re close to $2 million for local charities that we’re up to for tonight’s game.


Shimkus: Wow. And it’s also happening at such a wild time. I mean, this is a celebration of bipartisanship, but there’s so much fighting going on on Capitol Hill right now, especially among Democrats.


Whip Scalise: Yeah, that’s going to probably hit the water’s edge tonight. There’s a lot of very big, intense issues that we’re dealing with on Capitol Hill. And you know, you’ve got all these crises around the country with inflation, the border, you know, hearings on Afghanistan and then you throw in the government funding, infrastructure, tax hikes. They’re trying to do a $5.5 trillion package and they’re in disarray on their side. 


Shimkus: President Biden says it’s not going to cost anything.


Whip Scalise: Yeah, how [can] it not cost anything, except that you’re going to pay more in taxes? They have a tax on your natural gas. If you use natural gas to heat your home or cool your home, you’re going to be paying about 15 percent more every month. But I guess he doesn’t think that’s a cost. They’re totally out of direct correlation with where most American families are.


Shimkus: Do you think that it will ultimately pass?


Whip Scalise: They don’t have the votes right now. And we don’t support something that’s going to jack up inflation and run millions of jobs out of the country. That’s what the tax hike side of it will do. And they’ve packaged it all together with infrastructure, and by the way, their version of infrastructure is, for example, about a hundred billion dollars in Solyndra-style slush funds over at the Department of Energy. That’s just one of the things.


Shimkus: Well, I know that this event, it means so much to everybody on the field. All the Republicans that are also playing, but especially you, because June 2017 changed your life. A shooter went on to the field, the Republican practice, and you almost lost your life. So how has your outlook on life changed since then?


Whip Scalise: You know look, I surely have a different perspective. God performed miracles that day in 2017 and I’m lucky to be alive. So I cherish every day like this, but, I get to come out in the Big League Ballpark and get to experience this again.


Shimkus: You said that during that moment, as it was happening, you were praying and you felt better because you were in God’s hands, which I think is such a beautiful message. And we’re so glad that you are okay. Brian was talking before about how Republicans have lost a few games in a row, but that you’re confident that Republicans will win this time around?


Whip Scalise: Hey, Brian, you want to take the Republicans in the game tonight. I feel good about our team. 


Steve Doocy: They’re missing their star pitcher on the Democrats’ side!


Whip Scalise: They lost their pitcher, he’s working in the White House. He can’t pitch tonight. 


Shimkus: That’s right! They’re missing their star pitcher but you have Congressman Steube, right? 


Whip Scalise: We’ve got some great talent. Steube is going to be our starting pitcher for us.


Shimkus: And you can catch all the action on Fox Nation it starts at 7:05 Eastern Time. I think you’re going to have a great evening. You gotta go to work first, but then there’s going to be some fun tonight.


Whip Scalise: We got a few things at the office to do. Tonight, we’ll have thousands of people out here cheering. And we’ll raise $2 million for charity. And we’re going to be focused on beating the Democrats too.