WASHINGTON, D.C. — Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) released the following statement after Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his report on the origins of the FBI investigation into President Trump’s 2016 election campaign:

“Republican warnings about abuses of the FISA court process have been proven true by IG Horowitz’s report. Obama administration officials clearly abused their power to help trigger an investigation into President Trump’s election campaign. In any other instance, an administration using the weight of the federal government to spy on the campaign of a political rival would be a national scandal. But, as we’ve seen for the past four years, Washington Democrats are willing to break any rule, any precedent, or twist any facts to prevent the American people from deciding who the president is because they’re afraid President Trump will win re-election.  

“As we await the criminal investigation being conducted by US Attorney John Durham, this report is just the first step in ensuring justice is served and unelected bureaucrats are held accountable when they abuse their power.”