WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox Business Network’s Kudlow to discuss President Biden’s attempt to sabotage the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, failure to deliver on his campaign promise of “unity,” and consistent efforts to dismantle the United States’ energy dominance. Whip Scalise called out President Biden for actively working against the American people by fighting to raise taxes on low-income families and prioritizing a trillion-dollar social agenda over rebuilding physical infrastructure. Whip Scalise also highlighted the hypocrisy of the Biden Administration in canceling the Keystone pipeline while handing Russia the gift of finishing its previously sanctioned Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would hurt Americans at home and our allies abroad.


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On President Biden’s Soviet-style infrastructure package: 


“Larry, that’s the kind of economics — look, my phones are ringing off the hook of people calling going, ‘If only we had more IRS agents.’ You know that, and more meter maids in our downtown cities are what people beg us to do. My God, I mean, how out of touch is Joe Biden when that’s what he thinks is job creation? You know, how about you help businesses get back up and running? Every small business in our communities [is] looking for workers, and Joe Biden is paying people not to work — eight million jobs going unfilled.


“Look, you were there in the White House when we did maybe one of the most powerful pieces of legislation to help families, to rebuild our middle class — the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — and they want to destroy that. They want to literally put a new tax on low-income jobs because those will be the first jobs to go, as you know, if we raise taxes. I hope we don’t. We’re fighting to prevent Joe Biden from raising taxes, but that’s what he wants to do — raise taxes on hard-working families and hire more IRS agents in Washington. Wow.”


On Congressional Democrats asking President Biden not to negotiate with Republicans on an infrastructure deal: 


“You know, Joe Biden talked about unity a lot during the campaign. He has yet to follow through on that. He’s not done anything to work with Republicans in an earnest way to get things done. But look, we’re working on our own plan that actually has been based on many bipartisan negotiations in the past to do real infrastructure. And I’m talking about roads, bridges, ports, seaways, and broadband, and to fully pay for it without tax increases. You can actually do that.


“And oh, by the way, you need to reform, and you know this too, you need to reform some of these environmental regulations — the Endangered Species Act, NEPA laws — things that drag projects that should take two years to out to 10 years. It makes a lot of infrastructure projects impossible just dealing with the red tape. Reform that too, and if you do that, you could get a bipartisan deal. You talk about raising taxes, unionizing home health care workers, and calling that infrastructure — count me out.


“And frankly, I think there [are] a lot more Democrats that realize Pelosi’s already made them walk the plank on a lot of really radical, socialist votes so far. I think we’re going to win the House back regardless, but I think they’re running out of an ability to drag Democrats into so many more bad votes. Right now, they don’t have the votes to raise taxes. We’re trying to work hard to ensure they’re not able to get that done.”


On President Biden’s Keystone pipeline hypocrisy:


“Larry, this is where people across the country are scratching their heads. They’re going, ‘Wait a minute, Joe Biden walks in on Day One [and] kills the Keystone pipeline.’ These are American jobs, American energy. Oh, by the way, our friend Canada, bringing their oil to America to refine it, which by the way, we have the best standards in the world. If you’re going to refine oil anywhere, refine it in America. He kills [the Keystone pipeline], and then he says, ‘Okay, but we’re going to let Russia have a green light and waive sanctions to have this pipeline between Germany and Russia.’ So, he says no to American jobs and partnering with our good friend Canada, but he says yes to giving a blank check to Russia! I thought this guy was supposed to be standing up to Russia. He literally gave the keys of the store to Russia, giving them more leverage, by the way, on energy policy. When Russia has energy leverage, they actually use it against American values. Hurting our allies around the world. When you were there, we were actually exporting energy to our friends around the world, undermining Russia, taking away Russia and OPEC’s leverage, and Joe Biden gave that away.


“He also wants to give away our intellectual property on the vaccine. He literally wants to give the American vaccine that we created with ‘Operation Warp Speed’ for COVID to China! Giving away our intellectual property. China steals our intellectual property. That was already a problem. Joe Biden is just going to say, ‘Why bother letting them steal it?’ He is giving it away to them! This is psychotic. It has to stop, Larry.”


On President Biden’s weak energy policies toward Russia:


“How about we sell Germany American energy? It’s lower emissions, by the way, because I thought it was all about climate change and global warming? We emit a whole lot less carbon when we make and refine oil in America versus when it’s produced and refined in Russia. It’s unbelievable that [the Biden Administration is] doing this, and they think nobody is going to pay attention. People are scratching their heads, but they are paying attention, and they don’t like it.



“We won’t have lines at the pump and paying 20 [to] 30 percent more at the pump either. Let’s end this madness.”