WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends to highlight how President Biden’s Soviet-style infrastructure package is anything but bipartisan and how Democrats’ disastrous open-door immigration policies have caused record numbers of illegal immigrants to enter the United States.

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On President Biden’s Soviet-style infrastructure package:

“There’s been a lot of interest going back to President Trump in getting a bipartisan infrastructure deal. Speaker Pelosi walked out of multiple meetings at the White House when Trump was President, where he was trying to get a bipartisan agreement. And then on this, they’re not talking to Republican leaders at all and we’ve reached out, but they won’t even talk to us because they just want to go it alone like they did on that non-COVID $1.9 trillion spending bill that they just passed. Here they go with trillions more in this kind of Soviet-style infrastructure dream list of the left.”

“You know, Speaker Pelosi’s socialist agenda she’s been pushing these last few months since they’ve controlled all levers of power is starting to catch up with their members that are less socialist. You know, they don’t really have any moderates left but even the liberal members are starting to have angst because they’re voting against the will of their own districts, and people are starting to get fed up [about] out-of-control spending [and] they’re going to propose raising taxes all under the guise of infrastructure. Look — over 90 percent of what they’re proposing has nothing to do with roads or bridges. You know, they’re talking about child care and things, they’re going to do Green New Deal policies that have nothing to do with infrastructure, and by the way, [the] National Association of Manufacturers said what they’re proposing right now — Biden and the Democrats — will cost over a million more jobs. And these are hard-working, blue-collar jobs that we will be losing if they get their way of a Democrat-only bill. I don’t think that’s good for America. It surely isn’t infrastructure.”

On the Biden Administration’s self-made crisis at the border: 

“It’s alarming what’s happening at the border — all created by President Biden’s executive actions. So, he could, today, start fixing this problem. First, get back to the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. It worked incredibly well. We had an agreement with Mexico to help us control our southern border — their northern border — and they were holding people coming over that were seeking asylum. Most of the asylum claims are rejected because it doesn’t meet our definition. If you want to come to America legally, there’s a process to do it. We let a million people in a year legally. [We are the] most generous nation in the world. But what you’re seeing today is thousands of people a day coming over illegally because President Biden said, ‘America’s border [is] open.’ Put back the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. Get back to building the wall. Brian, we’re paying the contractors to build the wall, but President Biden ordered them to stop building. They abandoned the work sites. Yet, the taxpayers of America are getting fleeced because we’re still paying their bill even though they’re not building that wall. Build it again. It was working. Get the agreement with the Northern Triangle countries. You know, we had a lot of the countries in South and Central America working with us. Again, this was something President Trump negotiated, agreements with these other countries, to help us control their border and our border. Right now, the drug cartels are controlling America’s southern border because President Biden is taking our Border Patrol agents off the border. Over 40 percent of them diverted away from doing their job of stopping the drug cartels because they’re over at detention facilities like the Donna Detention Facility where they [have] these cells that Biden has set up for 33 kids. They have over 400 kids in each of these holding cells that were designed for 33. They’d shut your restaurant down if you were that far over the limit, yet this is happening at America’s border by President Biden’s executive action. He can reverse it.”

“Look, it’s child abuse what’s going on in the Donna Detention Facility. That’s why they don’t want the press in there. I saw kids crying in there. They don’t want to be there. They don’t want to be a pawn in this game that President Biden’s playing to have open borders. In El Salvador, Guatemala, they don’t want to lose their next generation. All the young kids that are fleeing out, coming into America illegally. It’s the wrong message. They’re abusing these kids. It’s a national disgrace, and President Biden and Kamala Harris won’t go down to see it for themselves. They owe it to the American people to go down there, see it, and then fix it. They can fix it today.”