WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) tonight released the following statement in response to President Biden’s joint address to Congress:

“Tonight, the American people heard more empty rhetoric and broken promises from President Biden, who, in just three months in office, is pushing our country further to the extreme left and is proposing $3.4 trillion in job-killing tax increases that will devastate jobs for millions of hardworking American families, all to pay for more wasteful Washington spending. In Joe Biden’s America, schools are closed, but the border is open. Crime and taxes are going up, while hope and opportunity are going down. China, Russia, and Iran are on the move, while America is in retreat.

“Through executive orders for amnesty and open borders, the Biden Administration has already created an out-of-control surge of illegal immigrants and drugs along the U.S.-Mexico border. President Biden’s dangerous decisions to end the ‘Remain In Mexico’ policy, terminate the Migrant Protection Protocols, halt construction of the border wall, and renew the Obama Administration’s failed ‘catch and release’ policy are causing a record number of migrants to unlawfully enter the United States. Unlike President Biden and Vice President Harris, who still refuse to go to the border, I, along with dozens of my colleagues, have witnessed firsthand how the Biden Administration’s open-border policies created the ongoing humanitarian, health, and national security crisis at our southern border. Additionally, as confirmed by Dr. Fauci, the Biden Administration is not even following their own CDC guidance they impose on the rest of Americans when it comes to people crossing our border illegally; they continue to place less restrictive mandates on people here illegally than the ones they impose on American citizens.

“Meanwhile, parents across the country are begging for their children to be able to go back to school for in-person learning. As a result of not being in the classroom with their peers, students are suffering severe mental health problems, and are dangerously falling behind other students. The CDC has made it clear that schools should safely reopen for in-person learning, yet the Biden Administration has broken their promises to parents and have instead sided with the radical teachers unions to keep schools closed. The Biden Administration needs to start following the science and stop taking orders from far-left union bosses.

“President Biden promised bipartisanship during his campaign, but he has failed to deliver results, and he has refused to even meet with Republican leaders or work in good faith on solutions to our country’s problems. The trillions in wasteful spending he is proposing have very little to do with COVID relief or infrastructure needs, and instead are more focused on growing the size of government and rewarding political insiders and special interests on the left. President Biden sided with anti-energy activists over thousands of American workers when he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline. This decision killed thousands of good-paying energy jobs and weakened American energy independence, forcing us to rely on more costly imported crude oil from unreliable OPEC countries, and raised the price of gasoline at the pump for American families.

“President Biden’s address tonight made it clear that he has chosen to go down the radical path of socialist government control, putting the livelihoods of American taxpayers last. My House Republican colleagues and I will continue to fight for the priorities of hardworking Americans by standing up against this wasteful, corrupt Washington spending, and working for a government that is more efficient, more effective, and more accountable.”