WASHINGTON, D.C.—House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) released the following statement after the House passed the Great American Outdoors Act:

“I’m very disappointed the House passed the Great American Outdoors Act without addressing the disparity in revenue sharing for Louisiana and other Gulf States, especially because this bill takes billions of dollars from energy development in the Gulf and redirects them to unrelated spending around the country. I, along with Congressman Richmond, Congressman Graves and other Gulf State Members, introduced an amendment to resolve this disparity, but unfortunately Speaker Pelosi did not allow our amendment to be taken up and voted upon.

“Interior states have long received 50% of revenues from all energy leases on public lands within their states, while Gulf States like Louisiana only receive 37.5% on some offshore leases and even that amount is capped at $500 million. Louisiana voters overwhelmingly approved a Constitutional amendment in 2006 that dedicates all revenues we receive from offshore energy development towards coastal restoration and hurricane protection, helping safeguard families and communities from dangerous storms. Unfortunately, under this bill, the hardworking communities along the Gulf Coast that generate these offshore revenues will see little benefit in return.

“Louisiana families and communities deserve their fair share of energy revenues generated off our coast, and I’ll keep fighting to establish parity for Louisiana’s share of offshore revenues so that we can continue to make the major investments in coastal restoration and hurricane protection that our state needs and Louisiana families deserve.”