WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) issued the following statement:“I have consistently stressed that there is no place in our country for violence in politics on either side. I condemned those who broke into the Capitol last year, and I’m grateful for the heroic efforts of police and first responders who kept us safe that day, and who keep our communities safe every day. It’s outrageous that the leftist rioters and looters who ransacked our cities in the summer of 2020 have not been held to the same standard and prosecuted with the same aggressive zeal for the violence and mayhem they caused.“Unfortunately, rather than work to get to the bottom of the security failures that allowed the Capitol to be breached, Speaker Pelosi chose to politicize the January 6th Select Committee and undermine its credibility by taking the unprecedented step of unilaterally rejecting Republican members Jim Banks and Jim Jordan, who were selected to serve on the Committee. Instead, she has turned it into political theater designed to distract from the many crises and failures of the Biden Administration that are hurting American families like inflation, high gas prices, the border crisis, and COVID mismanagement. “The damage created by less than one year of total Democrat control in Washington is staggering, and is devastating hardworking families across America. Coronavirus is surging again across the country. Due to President Biden’s failed vaccine-only strategy, we have a severe testing shortage and a deadly lack of therapeutic alternatives. Despite promising to shut down the virus, President Biden now admits he has no federal solution, and is turning to the same failed lockdown strategies, like allowing teachers unions to shut down schools after giving them billions of taxpayer dollars earlier this year to stay open. Because liberal and progressive politicians refuse to take responsibility for their extreme policies like defunding the police, crime is soaring in Democrat-run cities. Fentanyl overdoses are now the leading cause of death in Americans aged 18-45 as deadly drugs are inundating our open southern border. The price of everyday goods has skyrocketed because of Democrats’ inflationary spending policies. Gas prices and home electricity costs are through the roof due to Democrats’ anti-American energy policies like the Green New Deal. Our supply chain is broken, leading to empty shelves at the grocery store. Americans are suffering because of Democrats’ broken promises and disastrous leadership. Big-government socialism has failed.“Yet Democrats are not holding a town hall on CNN in the Capitol today with American families devastated by crime, overdoses, high cost of living, and an unstable economy. Instead they are engaging in political theater, talking about themselves and their singular obsession with a President who hasn’t been in office for nearly a year. They have no plan, they have no agenda: they only want to politicize January 6th.“If Democrats are ever interested in working in a bipartisan way with Republicans on real solutions to ensure the safety of our Capitol, we welcome that, and have called on Speaker Pelosi to embrace many of the recommendations by the Capitol Police Inspector General’s report that have mostly been ignored by the Democrats running Congress. Until then, Republicans will continue to focus on the things that are affecting the hardworking Americans who are struggling under the failures of big-government socialism: being able to raise and support their families in safe and healthy communities with equal opportunities for all. We would encourage Democrats to join us and start focusing on these problems as well.”