WASHINGTON, D.C.— Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) released the following statement after Attorney General Barr delivered conclusions from the special counsel’s report to Congress:

“I am glad that the special counsel’s investigation has finally drawn to a close and we can put this outrageous chapter behind us. Rather than focus on the issues that affect the lives of everyday Americans, like jobs, health care, and border security, Democrats and their allies in the media have chosen to spend the last 674 days perpetuating conspiracy theories and lies in a shameless effort to discredit a President whose election they still are trying to overturn. 


“Attorney General Barr concluded that the president did not obstruct justice, and the special counsel definitively stated President Trump is not charged with any crimes. For years, high-ranking Democrats in leadership positions in Congress claimed the special counsel’s report would provide definitive proof of collusion, and today’s report has proven that to be an outright lie once and for all. Everyone who made those kind of untrue and outrageous claims should apologize for misleading the American people for the last two years.  


“I’m glad Attorney General Barr has acted swiftly to release the conclusions of this report that vindicates President Trump and gives credence to the claims that this was a witch hunt that cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.”