WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) today at a Leadership press conference spoke about House Republicans’ Better Way policy initiative to get America back on track.

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“The American Dream is in jeopardy and the middle class has been under attack. More and more Americans know that it’s the rules and regulations and laws of this Obama Administration that have made it harder for people to join the middle class and to have their shot at the American Dream.

“But people also know that there is a Better Way. And the good news is that House Republicans are bringing forward a bold conservative idea, bold plans that can get the economy moving again; a bold plan to rebuild the middle class, to make America competitive again; to have a tax code where great American companies don’t have to leave the country just to be successful. 

“There is a Better Way to provide an alternative to Obamacare. I think it’s pretty clear now that people know that we don’t like Obamacare as House Republicans. But they want to know what we’re for, and our Better Way plan lays out a way to put patients back in charge of their healthcare, to focus on lowering costs and getting rid of the mandates that are killing jobs under Obamacare.

“Americans know that we don’t have a national security plan that works for our country, that protects people here at home. We know that there’s a Better Way and we lay that out in this plan. And not only is it important for us to continue talking about this, to share our bold ideas with the country, and we’ll be doing that a lot over the August recess. But the important thing is it creates a mandate that once we get through this election cycle — after talking about this Better Way — we then have a mandate from the country to put this into law and to get our economy moving again and to get our country back on track.”