TOPLINE: Democrats’ far-left policies, coupled with President Biden’s weak leadership, have led to a massive breakdown in our global transportation network. Families are paying more for gas, and shelves are empty at the grocery store. Regular Americans are paying the price and experiencing the consequences of the Biden Administration’s failing economic and transportation policies.


Democrats’ Radical Agenda Created Our Current Supply Chain Crisis


When you look at President Biden’s abysmal September jobs report, it is clear why Americans are not returning to the workforce: liberal welfare policies incentivize people not to work.



Additionally, many Americans are discouraged from returning to work because inflation and a higher cost of living have eaten the true value of their wages. Why work long hours for less pay when you can do nothing and collect benefits from the government?



President Biden, and his liberal lieutenants in Congress, are dragging down our economy and reducing overall labor participation in the United States. Now, the severe shortage of workers is leading to breaks in our supply chain.



In a joint op-ed, Representatives Hern and Harshbarger layout a simple solution: “The faster we get Americans back to work, the faster we will see results.”



If President Biden truly wanted to address inflation and help the unemployed return to work, he would abandon his inflation-fueling spending spree and partner with Republicans to get the human capital we need to restore our broken supply chain.


Biden’s Supply Chain Crisis is Hurting Families and Workers


This supply chain breakdown and crisis at our ports are hurting American families.


Because of the empty shelves at grocery stores and the higher costs for the goods available, parents are struggling to put food on the table and purchase necessary products, like diapers, for their children.



Materials and equipment are not being sent to factories on time, shipments of finished products aren’t reaching distributors, and congestion at ports and other transportation bottlenecks are making it nearly impossible for shipments to arrive in stores or your doorstep on time.



The New York Post reports that the backlog of ships waiting to enter California’s two largest ports hit a new record with “100 vessels of all kinds…at anchor or in a holding area waiting to enter the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, topping the previous record.”



What has been the Biden Administration’s response? To slam the private sector, cave to union bosses, and avoid taking responsibility.


After President Biden announced the Port of Los Angeles, UPS, FedEx, and Walmart would move to a 24/7 operating schedule in an effort to ease the backlog, Biden called on the private sector to “step up” at a White House briefing.



The reality is that it has been President Biden – not private employers – who has fueled our supply chain crisis by increasing energy costs, triggering significant inflation through reckless, unchecked spending, issuing job-crushing regulations, and raising taxes on American businesses.


If President Biden was serious about addressing the supply chain crisis, he would push for the use of labor-saving equipment at our ports to help unload shipping containers faster.


Instead, President Biden has caved to union bosses who fiercely oppose using technology that would improve worker efficiency and output.



High-ranking members of his cabinet are also trying to deflect blame and obscure the truth. In an interview with CNN, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tried to spin issues with our supply chain issues as proof that the United States hasn’t fallen into a recession.



Secretary Buttigieg then went on to say that our supply chain problems will “continue into next year.”



Make no mistake: The Biden Administration has no feasible plan to solve this crisis. Until Democrats abandon their radical agenda, the cost of gas and everyday household products will remain expensive for the foreseeable future.


Our Over-Reliance on China is a Weakness


Meanwhile, China is facing its own supply chain and energy crisis.


After a push to limit carbon emissions, China is now experiencing power outages and shortages throughout the country.



These electricity blackouts are hindering manufacturers in the United States and other countries that rely on China for critical goods and services.



Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal view supply chain and labor shortages as a bigger threat to the global economic recovery compared to the COVID-19 pandemic.



American consumers will face higher prices and empty shelves unless the Biden Administration takes steps to reduce our dependence on China and stop inflationary spending.


The Energy Crises in Europe Preview the Future of Democrat-Led Energy Policies


Europe’s over-reliance on renewable energy sources and its disregard for fossil fuels have led to record-high utility prices with no end in sight. 



Low-income and middle class families throughout the world are suffering because of short-sighted green policies that ignore the reality of current energy needs.



With the United States facing higher energy costs at home, the Biden Administration has ensured that European countries cannot turn to our abundant resources to drive down natural gas prices and meet their power generation and home-heating needs.



Ending American energy independence has hurt our allies and emboldened our adversaries.


European leaders are now looking to get their fuel from countries like Russia instead of turning to cleaner American natural gas.


Russia supplies nearly half of Europe’s natural gas, and Vladimir Putin is using Europe’s energy crisis to his advantage.



The head of the International Energy Agency said that Russia could boost gas exports to Europe by almost 15 percent to help alleviate the energy crisis.



Instead, the Kremlin is withholding crucial supplies until the European Union and other democratic countries make political concessions to Russia.



The Mainstream Media Isn’t Holding the Biden Administration Accountable


With President Biden’s approval rating in complete free fall, the mainstream media is going into overdrive to help his poll numbers recover.



Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the quiet part out loud when she complained at a press conference that reporters could “do a better job selling” Democrats’ trillion-dollar tax-and-spending spree.



Let’s be clear: the media’s job is to report the news, not absolve President Biden of responsibility.



Or tell consumers to lower expectations.



Or mischaracterize concerns about issues with our supply chain.



Where are the similar levels of mainstream media outrage that were shown to the Trump Administration?


BOTTOM LINE: President Biden has failed to secure our supply chain and ensure that goods are transported safely and efficiently throughout the United States and worldwide. Middle class families are facing higher prices and empty shelves due to the Biden Administration’s failure to address our transportation crisis. It is crucial that President Biden stops caving to his radical base and prioritizes the needs of hard-working families.