WASHINGTON, D.C. — As House Republicans unveil their plan to lower inflation, cut energy costs for American families, secure the border, stand with law enforcement, and put parents back in control of their child’s education, their “Commitment to America” is receiving support from a growing chorus of conservative and Main Street voices. House Republicans stand ready to reverse Democrats’ self-made crises in the 118th Congress. Here’s what they are saying:


Conservative Groups:Brooke Rollins, President of the America First Policy Institute: “The policies of the Left have failed the American people in just about every way that matters.“Today’s release of ‘The Commitment to America’ provides America First solutions to the problems hurting hard-working people from sky-high gas and grocery prices to securing our border, stopping rampant crime in our cities, and respecting the voices of parents in the education of their children.“’The Commitment to America’ is the America First Agenda. These policies worked before, and they will work again.”Grover Norquist, President of Americans For Tax Reform: “The Commitment to America shows a clear vision and provides a step-by-step guide to restoring American strength. The Democrats’ damage of the past few years can be undone. Republicans in the House of Representatives have united to commit to do what it takes to rebuild our nation. The Commitment to America promises voters a return to the pro-growth policies of tax cuts and deregulation that built the strongest economy America had seen before Democrats took power and drove it into the ground. Putting Republicans back in charge of Congress is the surest way to halt runaway spending, curb inflation and get the economy growing again.”Ryan Ellis, President of the Center for a Free Economy: “Federal tax revenues are about to hit an all time high—even after accounting for inflation, population size, and economic growth. It’s imperative that we send a pro-taxpayer majority to the U.S. House to keep income tax rates low, cut taxes for families and small businesses, and reform the tax code to increase inflation-fighting productivity. The agenda released today will move America toward a tax system that can compete with any country in the world, and create shared prosperity here at home.”Star Parker, President of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education: “The ‘Commitment to America’ recognizes that government must eliminate barriers to economic development and lift up distressed communities. Parents must be empowered to choose the best education for their children and their values must be respected. The First and Second Amendments protect core American freedoms – free speech, religious freedom, and the right to keep and bear arms – and the ‘Commitment’ is a pledge to protect those foundational freedoms. It is also a commitment to protect the first unalienable right in the Declaration of Independence – the right to life.”Tom Schatz, President of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste: “The Commitment to America should be read by every taxpayer who wants their elected officials in Washington, D.C. to eliminate government waste and spend their money more effectively and efficiently. It is a much-needed change from the damaging and excessive spending and regulatory policies of the Democrats in Congress and President Biden. “The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste is pleased to see provisions in the Commitment to America that prioritize eliminating wasteful spending, lowering taxes, and reducing regulations. The plan will also improve healthcare by giving patients more control and promoting rather than stifling the innovation that is essential for the development of new treatments and cures.”Adam Brandon, President, President of FreedomWorks: “We are encouraged by House Republicans’ commitment to reining in federal government spending and bureaucratic mismanagement. The power of the purse and oversight authority will be the ultimate check on the Biden administration’s abuse of power. FreedomWorks activists will continue working to ensure that Washington is accountable to We the People.” Kevin Roberts, President of the Heritage Foundation: “The American people are demanding commonsense solutions after living through nearly two years of the radical Left’s disastrous policies. Fortunately, conservatives in Washington are coming to the rescue. From putting parents in charge and reversing inflation to securing the border and countering Communist China, the Commitment to America is a welcome plan for the 118th Congress.“We need more leaders who have the courage to put forward an agenda, and I applaud Leader McCarthy for encouraging his caucus to do so. Conservatives expect both a plan from congressional leaders and the commitment to follow through on that plan.“The Heritage Foundation is proud to have worked with Leader McCarthy on this agenda and we are ready to fight for these ideas in the next Congress.” Carrie Lukas, President of the Independent Women’s Forum: “Restoring economic opportunity, fighting inflation, securing parents rights, stopping rampant crime, defending our national security – these are the American people’s priorities and should be Congress’s priorities as well. The GOP’s Commitment to America offers an important vision of a brighter future in which our government is more accountable and effective, and our people freer, safer and more prosperous.”Paul Teller, Executive Director for Advancing American Freedom: “It is so important that House Republicans crafted this policy agenda to activate a positive, freedom-based vision of American solutions for today’s most pressing problems. We at Advancing American Freedom look forward to helping the Republican-controlled House and Senate next year translate this vision into legislation for delivery to President Biden’s desk.”Patrick Hedger, Executive Director of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance: “There’s a lot to like in the Commitment to America from a taxpayer and consumer perspective, especially with reining in reckless, inflationary spending right at the top. We’re also pleased to see a focus on reducing regulatory barriers to competition, investment, and innovation across industries from energy to healthcare, while still recognizing the need for federal action on issues such as privacy and cybersecurity.”Brent Gardner, Chief Government Affairs Officer for Americans For Prosperity: “The best way to defeat a bad idea is by offering a better one. This agenda offers Americans a positive alternative to the big-government, big-spending approach that Washington has embraced for too long. In a season of hyper-partisanship, we applaud Leader McCarthy for putting forth policy ideas that give Americans something to be for, not just something to stand against. “After a summer of near record gas prices, surging costs for food and groceries, and mounting concerns over electricity and heating costs, it’s clear that what Washington has been doing isn’t working. This plan outlines a new approach that cuts the reckless spending that’s been fueling higher costs, removes barriers to help businesses flourish and innovate, and embraces an energy abundance agenda that will bolster both our economic and national security. “Additionally, we’re encouraged by positive steps in health care and public safety. As we begin to emerge from a global pandemic made worse by top-down mandates and government bureaucracy, this plan offers personalized solutions for our health care system. And with the reality of our nation’s increase in violent crime we are encouraged to see that this plan begins to offer changes aimed at making our communities safer.” “While this agenda advances many shared priorities, we continue to urge policymakers to go further and take bold steps to fix our legal immigration system, as well as refocus the criminal justice system to improve public safety. We look forward to working together with anyone to advance these goals and provide much needed relief. It’s clear that Washington needs to change course – what Leader McCarthy offered today would represent a strong step in the right direction.”


Border:Chris Chmielenski, Vice President and Deputy Director of NumbersUSA: “The Biden border crisis has led to more than 3.3 million apprehensions of illegal border crossers since early last year. Instead of addressing this record-level crisis, Pres. Biden has absolved himself of all responsibility. House Republicans, through their “Commitment to America”, promise to tackle the ongoing border crisis head on and hold the administration accountable. In addition to providing adequate funding to secure the border and enforce immigration laws already passed by Congress, the Commitment promises to close the loopholes—like catch and release—that have been exploited by the Biden Administration and illegal border crossers alike. Just as importantly, the Commitment promises to protect American jobs from illegal aliens by requiring the use of E-Verify. NumbersUSA applauds the House GOP’s commitment to end the ongoing border crisis and prevent future border surges, and we look forward to working with House Republican leaders as they follow through on this commitment.”RJ Hauman, Director of Government Relations and Communications for the Federation for American Immigration Reform: “FAIR has been proud to stand with the strongest-ever assembled coalition of public interest groups and former immigration officials in calling for legislation right out the gate to end a border crisis deliberately instigated by the Biden administration. We thank Republican leaders for listening to our expertise and insight, and stand ready to work with them on turning the immigration component of the Commitment to America into legislative text.“Democrats have an open borders agenda, Republicans now have a secure borders agenda. It’s time for the American people to decide.”


Life/Religious Liberty:Penny Nance, President and CEO of Concerned Women for America: “Thank you @GOPLeader, @SteveScalise and others for the #CommitmentToAmerica. Americans want and deserve pro-life leadership. We look forward to partnering with legislators in working towards just laws in a culture of life.”Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council: “The Republicans’ Commitment to America provides voters a clear choice between two very different governing ideologies. I am pleased to see the policy priorities if the Republicans are given the majority. The Commitment to America includes pledges to defend the unborn, protect parental rights and women’s sports, and uphold religious liberty, especially after nearly two years of direct attacks by the Biden administration. In addition to reflecting the view of the Republican Party Platform, these positions are also American values that resonate with spiritually active, governance-engaged conservatives.”Jeanne F. Mancini, President of March for Life Action: “March for Life Action applauds the inclusion of language stating the need to protect unborn babies and their mothers in the Republican House Leadership ‘Commitment to America’ plan. The vast majority of Americans, 71%, support such protections.”Carol Tobias, President of National Right to Life: “National Right to Life praises Republican leaders for their commitment to women and their unborn children. In contrast, the Democratic Party is pursuing abortion for any reason and at any time in pregnancy.” “The Democrats’ so-called Women’s Health Protection Act is far-reaching legislation that would entrench abortion on demand in federal law and running roughshod over the will of the American people. Democrats would endanger the lives of women and their unborn babies.”Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America: “We thank Republican House Leadership for their ‘Commitment to America’ plan that recognizes Congress has a role to play in protecting unborn children and their mothers from the horror of abortion. Republican leadership has consistently championed the need for Congress to enact federal limits on abortion. This commitment reaffirms that much work remains at the federal and state level to save lives across the country.“The ‘Commitment to America’ sharply contrasts with the radical Democratic Party agenda under President Biden – abortion on demand until birth, including late-term abortions when unborn babies can feel excruciating pain, paid for by the taxpayer. When pressed, Democrat House and Senate candidates can’t name a single limit on abortion they would support. While the majority of Americans support commonsense, compassionate limits on abortion, extremist Democrats’ policies put us in the company of China and North Korea.“It is time to modernize our laws. We thank our GOP allies for their ongoing defense of women and the unborn and call on all pro-life Republicans and Democrats to build consensus for enacting the will of the people at the federal level.”Timothy Head, Executive Director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition: “The Faith & Freedom Coalition applauds the House GOP’s newly-announced ‘Commitment to America.’ At this pivotal moment in our nation’s history, our leaders must demonstrate their dedication to confronting America’s challenges with concrete solutions. Too many officials have abandoned their responsibility to address their constituents’ real needs in favor of embracing the Radical Left’s agenda, but we commend our Republican representatives for standing firm and tackling the underlying causes of those needs. The outlined commitments affirm that these leaders have a clear vision for achieving a strong, safe and free future for our country.”Jennifer Popik, Director of Federal Legislation for National Right to Life: “The Democrats’ legislation would nullify nearly all existing protective state laws. In addition, the Democrats would also prohibit states from adopting new protective laws in the future.” “The difference between Democrats and Republicans couldn’t be plainer. While Democrats maintain a nearly uniform support of abortion without limits until birth, Republicans seek to protect unborn children and their mothers.”Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life: “In America today we see a battle between good and evil, and also between commonsense and insanity. The Democrats have made the nation dysfunctional and are ramming insanity down our throats. The Commitment to America, by contrast, is a breath of fresh air of commonsense and a path to an America that works. “I am grateful – but not surprised – that the Commitment to America includes the right to life as one of the freedoms we must protect,” Father Pavone continued. “The Republican Party understands that the right to life is not subject to the whims of those who are in power. “When lawmakers are right on the abortion issue, they tend to get it right on all the other issues. They also understand that limited government, safety and freedom are all violated when government intrudes so deeply into your life that it defines you as a non-person and permits others to take your life based on nothing but their choice.”