TOPLINE: Last night, Senators voted to include important bipartisan amendments to limit the damage the Biden Administration can do with a mammoth $2 trillion COVID-relief package. As the budget returns to the House of Representatives with these amendments included, will progressive Democrats still support it?

Republicans continue to oppose President Biden’s mammoth $2 trillion relief bill that comes as over $1 trillion remains unspent from previous bipartisan relief bills. However, early into this morning, the Senate passed several different bipartisan amendments to prevent Democrats from using the budget as a vehicle to push a progressive makeover onto the country.

Amendments passed included:

The budget resolution previously only passed the House of Representatives by 218 to 212. Two Democrats voted against the resolution and no Republicans supported it. Assuming full attendance, Democrats can only lose a total of four votes before the budget resolution fails. 

BOTTOM LINE: Once again, will progressive Democrats in the House of Representatives support a budget that supports the U.S. embassy’s position in Jerusalem, prohibits the federal $15 minimum wage in a pandemic, and prevents America from shipping energy jobs overseas to countries with weak environmental standards?